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The silhouette fashion show celebrates the end of 70 years

70 years, De Montfort University, Leicester (DMU) led the fashion in shape, training designers to allow the industry, so that stars and set global fashion trends.

Now, a new exhibition designed to showcase its decades of fashion opens on campus to celebrate its historic anniversary.


DMU Heritage Center has been transformed into a fashion paradise, as it demonstrates student work from the past 70 years of work and future trends and current discipline leader Gillian Proctor prediction.

The Leicester Academy of art’s straitjacket school (formerly DMU) was founded in 1947 in the Great Britain’s Corsetry Guild as a post war effort to stimulate the rising part of local designers.

Before the course, many fashion custom swimwear manufacturers came out of the silhouette houses of Paris and the United states. The outline fashion curriculum, which emphasizes design talent and technical expertise, marks the new era of British fashion and has fostered generations of designers that will change the face of the intimate clothing industry.

Now known as the bachelor’s degree program, fashion has become a widespread recognition among industry experts and considered one of the best in the world.

Over the past 70 years, thousands of students have dared to push the boundaries of innovation and technology to promote the evolution and achievement of this famous program. The exhibition will review some of the most memorable moments of the course and showcase contemporary student work.

The temporary gallery is a collection of H and a rare insight into some of the groundbreaking clothing produced by the R and Symington Symington archives. It’s a comprehensive collection of fashion tights, foundation and wearing swimsuit advertising materials, photo support, custom swimwear manufacturers equipment and recorded memories.

In many ways, Elizabeth Wheelband curator says the exhibit – Symington tells the story of women’s Liberation in particular.

She said: “if you want to wear clothes in the Vitoria times, women are restricted whalebone corset, wearing the heavy, a lot of underwear. They can even dress up and swim.

“Gradually, along with the dress reform and change the positive attitude of women we see based on weardesign and fabric technology – women will need to cope with changes in circulation, tennis and more and more activities in Vitoria and the late Edward era.

“The first World War has brought about great changes in fashion, women don’t want to bend silhouettethey to the invisible, to supplement their loose clothes to a clothes, bra and 30 extension belts and DMU in 1947 began its stylish degree when it is on the use of small cloth for rationing.”

The exhibition will see a range of clothing from the collection, highlighting the seminal design or technological advances that affect the basis of fashion.

It is running at the Leicestershire Museum of service that is based on the Fashion Book Foundation: Symington tights collection 1860-1990, by Philip Warren and Sarah Nicol.


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