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If you’re looking to have a stunning body figure, using shapewear shouldn’t be a question for you! Whether casual, formal or on dates, you will be going with a flawless hourglass figure. You will never be your past self anymore, which is so insecure and ashamed of how you’ll look with your dresses—thanks to shapewear.

Shapewear comes in different styles, those that you can easily match with the trendy dress this season. Either it’s a backless crop top, bodycon, and skirt; shapewear can make those dresses shine brightly by creating an unmistakable silhouette!

Here is the best shapewear for tummy and waist styles that you can perfectly match with your wardrobe collections!


It is comforting to spend your weekend lying on your sofa at home after long and stressful weekdays of work—match with your short shorts and shirt! Oh, how nice, but even at home, you can still look gorgeous by adding short-shaping shapewear underneath your bottoms. You should always want to look and feel beautiful even at home, right? The fabric of this shaping short is light and feels incredibly soft, so you may never think that you’re actually wearing it in the first place.


Of course, you don’t want to go to the party without proper preparation for how you’ll look with your dress. This body shaper for women is here to the rescue as it helps make your dress more appealing by highlighting your perfect curves and hourglass body shape. In addition, it is considered the perfect concealer as it is seamless under your dress.


If you want to cover all your fats entirely, having a full coverage body shaper will be your first option. The compression works from your breast down to your waist, tummy, hips, and legs. As a result, slim down and reduce the appearance of your fats and showcase how confident you are with your newly formed body shape—all thanks to the full coverage shapewear!


There are lots of benefits that open-bust shapewear can bring to the table. Aside from your freedom of choosing your bra, it also pushes your breast upward for a sexier look. It is also a perfect match for a skirt and bodycon dress. In addition, an open-crotch makes your bathroom stays more comfortable. Now, wearing your tight-fitting dress, even with some bulges, is not an issue anymore!


Know what shapewear is a perfect match for a maxidress and midi dress? A lace zipper body shapewear! Know why? It is because the compression on the waist is tight with enough tummy control to maintain the curvy waist for an extended period. Also, it has an open bust to lift your breast and a natural butt-lifting effect that helps in emphasizing your sexy dress.

The shapewear trends go along with the trendiest dress each season! So, if you want to remain fashionable with your dresses, even with some insecurities, then go for a body shaper. Then, you will see how different you’ll look as you wear shapewear before and after.


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