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When you are a plus size woman you have to own at least some shapewear items, either for loosing weight or for shaping your body and enhancing your natural curves. Shortly, body shapers are your best friends when it comes to looking fabulous and confident!

Where to buy plus size shapewear?

It is not easy to find shapewear with many plus sizes, but there are a few places where you can find it. One such place is FeelinGirl store which is selling the highest quality body shapers on the market. They have it all: waist trainers, body suits, thigh trimmers, arm trimmers and booty sculptors! The best thing about this online store is that they have quite a big range of plus size body shapers, so if you are a curvy girl this is the place for you! After all, they offer international delivery and free shipping for all orders over 70$.

What body shapers are best for plus size women?

There are two types of body shapers you might want to turn your attention to: those that can help you lose weight and those that enhance your beautiful curves.

The best plus size shapewear for losing weight

If you want to lose weight you should focus on buying a waist and thigh trimmer so that you can take down those unwanted kilos faster. This shapewear item will add compression to your waist and thighs, will keep your muscles warm and make you lose excess water. Due to the adjustable straps it has, you can adjust the level of compression and increase it gradually.  

For the waist and thigh trimmer to be most effective, you have to wear it daily and especially when you do your fitness exercises. This way your training will be more intense and you will lose weight faster.

The waist and thigh trimmer not only will make your waist and thighs smaller, but it will also make your abdomen flat and lift your booty. It will transform your entire body and get it closer to the hourglass shape.

The best plus size shapewear for daily wear

On the other hand, if you only want to enhance your curves and keep everything in place, so that you can wear any type of clothing you want, then you are in need of a plus size shapewear bodysuit. This body shaper from FeelinGirl will add compression and hide any excess fat while staying in place. You do not have to worry it rolls up, because it won’t! Also, you don’t have to worry if you have a bigger bust either, because the fabric from the chest area is very elastic.

A bodysuit will enhance your curves and make you slimmer with a few inches instantly and no one will know you are wearing it, because it is seamless. It will make your waist smaller, your abdomen flat, it will lift your booty and even slim down your thighs.  

Wear a bodysuit daily to feel confident and to wear whatever your heart desires!

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