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Would You Choose Makeup Remover or Makeup Remover Wipes?

Removing our makeup is a very important step in our nighttime routine. Leaving makeup on our face and going to sleep can cause acne and clog our pores. It will leave the skin looking dry and unhealthy. Also, the eye makeup needs to be removed because leaving mascara on could cause eyelash breakage. So, what would you choose to remove your makeup? Would you go with a simple makeup remover liquid or would you just wipe the makeup and excess dirt away with makeup remover wipes? Here are some pros and cons for each choice:

Liquid makeup remover

There are many types of liquid products that will take your makeup off.

You could wash your face with warm water and a special type of face wash gel that will clean your face. If this is the option you are going for, choose a fresh cleaner that will leave your skin soft and smooth. After your face is washed and your makeup is off, gently press a towel on your face to dry it off. After that, put on a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and you can go to bed with your face clean. The downside of this method is that, while it will clean your face, the eye makeup will still not be completely removed.

Tea tree oil makeup remover will not only remove the makeup and dirt from your face, but it will be great medicine to your skin, removing the redness and inflammation from your face. If you have very sensitive skin, this would be the best option for you. But again, this will not be the best method for your eye makeup.

Micellar water will do the job also. It will deeply remove any makeup residue that still lingers on your face. Such cleansing is deep and thorough. What is good about micellar water is that you can use it on your eyes too. There are really no cons with this method, except the dry skin so if you are prone to dry skin, maybe you should use a different routine or apply rich hydrating cream afterward.

Makeup remover wipes

This is the fastest and simplest method of all! There exist also waterproof makeup remover wipes so they will get rid of your eye makeup too. The only thing you really need to do is just to take the wipes out of the packaging, wipe your makeup off with them, and you are done and ready to go to sleep! This process is so easy. The only problem is, that it might leave your skin dehydrated if used too often. Nothing that a good moisturizer couldn’t fix, but still, it is not recommended to use makeup remover wipes all the time.

Now that you know different methods of removing makeup, it is time to choose your favorite brand and product. For acne-prone skin, consult with your dermatologist to avoid skin irritations.


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