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Choosing Best Shapewear for Your Body

If you are yet to unlock the magic of seamless shapewear, then you are in for a surprise of your life. Shapewear is something that is just the perfect solution for hiding the additional fats of your body and get a sleek and slender appearance. There is no denying the fact that all of us love attention and when you have the perfect body, it makes you look much more visually appealing. Seamless shapewear works so well that a huge number of celebrities opt for shapewear on the red carpet. Not only on the red carpet but they also wear the shapewear on other parties and events as well. The best part is, these seamless shapewears might look expensive, but they are not. Anyone can get the shapewears and wear them on a daily basis with all sorts of dresses.


The first one on this list is the luxury seamless 1021 exclusive butt lifter. This best shapewear for women will smooth the midsection of your body, cinch your waist and flatter your bottom. This one comes with a level 5 compression. There are removable and adjustable straps and it comes with an anti-roll down silicone strip design.

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The second best shapewear for women on the list is the seamless power 1028 high-waisted shaping shorts. This ultra-sheer style comes with a level 3 medium compression. It has got a next-to-naked look that offers the perfect base layer which will not make the best shapewear for women lines visible over the dress. It has comfortable sculpting power with less bulk.

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The third Cosmolle Shapewear on this list is the Magic Mesh seamless 1024 butt lift sculptwear. This luxury seamless 1024 butt lift sculptwear is everyday wear that makes you look beautiful. It comes with a level 5 compression and control shaping. There is a breathable fabric that is 100% seamless. You will be able to wear it day or night at any time.

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Next up is the luxury seamless 1022 half slip shaper. This is a good option to keep you slim and super sleek. This shapewear comes with a strapless design and has got a level 4 compression. There are adjustable straps that ensure a perfect fit. It contours the body at the right places.

best shapewear for women

The last Cosmolle Shapewear on this list is the Powernet 5037 backless contour brief bodysuit. This one can help you smooth the midsection of your body, flatter your tummy and slim your waist. It features a comfortable stretchy thong and offers a level 3 light compression. It will no roll down.

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