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Cute White Short Sleeves, Must Have Style for Every Girl


This season is all about sleeves. Different type of sleeves gives a style statement to the outfits. Sleeves have made a huge impact in the fashion industry these days. A cute white short sleeve in a different style never goes wrong on any girl. It is a must-have style for every girl. Take a look at a different type of sleeves that are trending and every girl world love to have outfits with these sleeves in her wardrobe.

  1. Cap Sleeves:

It is the most common and familiar type of sleeve that is worn by every girl across the globe. It can also be said as a staple sleeve. It blends very well with every type of clothing from a T-shirt, dresses tonight suits.

Any girl who does not like to wear cut sleeves but want their sleeves to be short cap sleeve is the best style to wear.


  1. Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves give different look to an entire outfit. It can turn the simplest outfit into a fashionable outfit with its puff style sleeves. These sleeves are wider both at the shoulder and cuff hem. It can be made with various fabrics.

  1. Petal Sleeves

Petal sleeves have a unique style pattern. It gives a tulip look due to its overlapping of two cut sleeves style. The sleeves can be short as well as long.

  1. Flutter Sleeves

These sleeves are in the shape of a butterfly. When an arm is lifted, sleeves look like a butterfly flying in the sky. Amazing it is. Flutter Sleeves gives an elegant look and is a perfect sleeve for the autumn season. A lightweight fabric like georgette and voile gives complete justice to this kind of sleeves.

These are some of the amazing types of sleeves that are ruling the fashion statement in short sleeves these days. There are many other styles of short sleeves as well but these are the most commonly used style sleeves that every girl has in her wardrobe.



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