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PROD spring new collection ︱ Chic spring and summer t-shirts!

PROD Bldg continues to take humor as justice as its design concept, and once again create a unique trend new force! Cute patterns and slogans of various novel ideas, rich colors, and inject soul into every T-Shirt with simple and playful creative printing! PROD clothing can be matched with various styles to make the outfit more character! PROD designs regardless of men and women, hundreds of patterns to meet various occasions and festivals. The PROD 2020 New Year theme is designed with daily life as the starting point, presenting helpless and painful little things!

In summer, white T-shirts are a must for wardrobe! But the white t without a sense of design will give people a sense of plainness, so when I saw this prod white t, I couldn’t move. The design of PROD is really very individual. At first glance, this white t gives people a very playful and individual feeling. No matter what it matches, it is very youthful and energetic. It is a must-have for the wardrobe.

PROD bldg was founded in 2015. Its design concept is inspired by some interesting, novel and trivial things in life. You will find all kinds of funny & funny prints and texts in PROD bldg. The styles are mostly simple and versatile T-shirts and sweaters, plus unique and funny patterns, or some funny hot words in our lives, which make PROD bldg unique and another “attitude”.

A fully integrated Chinese and Japanese text and other pattern elements, incorporating many novel and interesting inspiration fragments from life into the design! Very simple design concept but very lively and interesting! The main sweaters and T-shirts, many oversized styles of various colors!

I am also a fan of prod’s sweater

But I don’t recommend the one with cotton, it feels not as good as this without cotton. This fabric feels softer… Loose sweater and loose pants, there is no more comfortable outfit than this…

1. Smile series

I like this series very much because it is so cute! There is also a Japanese sentence スマイル means Smile, I bought a white one, and a black one for my boyfriend! I like “disappearing under clothes” so I usually buy XL size, cold weather with boots, warm shoes with long legs, you can say immediately have two meters long legs

2. Small animal series

Do “Little Animals” and “Animal Managers” have a fight with their boyfriends to see who becomes the manager hahaha! There is also a Japanese sentence ロマンチックな Zoo means Romantic Zoo! Isn’t this a must-have for couples, it’s a special outfit for going out, and it looks good when taking pictures!


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