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Summer essentials-sunscreen sunglasses

Meta description – Now that the clouds have cleared and the temperature took a rise, we need to discuss the summer essentials that you need to have in your kitty. Here’s what you can buy for the hot months.


  1. SunglassesThe under-eye region is the most sensitive part that might get affected by the scorching sun outside. So, do not forget to wear those sunglasses before stepping out. FOrtunately, there are several types of glasses ranging from rectangle, aviator to embellished designs. You can choose anything that goes with your face and attire.



    It is important that you use your sunscreen year round but it is even more important to add it to your bag during the summers. They block out the harmful rays from the sun and also protect your skin from free radicals. If you are going for one, choose the product that has SPF 50+. Also remember, this sunscreen won’t prevent the tan you’ll develop while basking under the hot rays. So, it’s not a solution if you are looking for that.


    3.Hair productsYour hair will be subjected to harsh winds, hot exterior and a sudden switch of temperature when you move from outdoors to indoors. Also, if you are a beach person, the salt and sand can make them dirty. That’s why choose good shampoos that are chemical free but still moisturize your hair. Use head masks that help to hydrate your scalp and ends. Even a nice hair spray before you head out will help.


    4.Lip balm

Your lips dry up and also the skin there peels off during the summers. This is because of the dry and hot air. Buy a good lip balm that will restore the moisture to your lips. It’s good to choose the ones that give a slight tint and do not overdo it. Also, go for the ones that have vitamin E and moisturizing butters.

5.Face Mist

This is a very refreshing addition to your summer skin essentials. Just like the sunscreen helps to block the rays, this mist will make you feel cooler in the hot surroundings. It is an option to get quick hydration.


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