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Which Styles of Mini Earrings Do You Recommend?

The lobe adorned by the “single-earring” has now given way to extravagant and intriguing combinations of three-hole or multi-hole earrings. Find out how to best match them to always be fashionable.

The principle of less is more has now given way to “whoever has more, the more.” This is the new fashion trend of multi-hole earrings. What does it mean? That it is the whole ear that can, indeed must, be adorned with jewels to be placed close to each other, in a showy, harmonious, extravagant, romantic, bizarre way, in short: in the way that pleases the most and that best reflects the your very own personal taste.

The earrings – whose history dates back to the most ancient cultures – tell the game of seduction, that of fashion and jewelry. This summer the trend is multi-hole. Many jewels, all different and colorful and one behind the other. So stones, metals, and points of the light crowd the lobes with references to the punk culture of piercings. With a novelty: given the importance of the face mask, and the covering effect on the face, focusing on accessories to express personality is an excellent option.

Mini-earrings: how to choose them

First of all: hole or not hole? Clip or not clip? There are button models with stones and points of light or circles that hook both on the lobe and in the upper part of the ear. In the case of heavy accessories, you know, the hole guarantees a better grip in movement while the clip tends to lose grip with the passing of the hours. What is the criterion for distributing them? First, do not spare yourself because it is the alternation of different shapes that is captivating to the eye.

After all, almost the entire auricle can be pierced and several trendsetters also love to emphasize the tragus: the centimeter of cartilage with a triangular shape to protect the ear. You can play with the materials, from gold and silver to wood, and with the shapes of the pendants. From lightning bolts to puppets, four or five accessories in succession are enough to give light to the face even on the beach or the sea.

If you are thinking of making a new hole, always remember to consult with your pharmacist. Because especially when touching delicate areas or where other holes have already been made, the risk is to make the distances wrong and not to leave the correct space between one and the other. Thus, small wounds or other discomfort can be created that the expert’s eye is instead able to foresee. Another tip is to always respect the closing times of the hole, on average six weeks, disinfecting the holes according to the shopkeeper’s instructions. The important thing is to keep the part clean and sanitize it once a day with gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide or other care product. Furthermore, before touching the area, you should always wash your hands and consult the doctor in case of prolonged swelling, itching or fever.

The influencers of inspiration

Many influencers enjoy showing off their earrings choices. Chiara Ferragni, for example, loves circles very much and alternates those with a larger diameter with small pendants and stones. Gilda Ambrosio, the designer of the Attico brand, is a real fan of the many earrings: in some shots of her profile, she manages to wear more than ten on the same ear. Then there are many stars who choose the Maria Tash brand: high jewelry for the New York designer who creates precious accessories in gold and silver and places them in new parts of the ears themselves. In short, a trend, but also a way of being and dressing one’s person.


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