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You can have a good figure without dieting

Everyone is no stranger to body shaper clothes. Today, I am going to introduce to you the main points before wearing a body shaper.shapewear bodysuits

First of all, according to the height to determine whether to wear split suit or bodysuit: Taking 170 cm as the limit, both of which can be lower than this, the best one is to choose one-piece bodysuit, because if you choose split body, the position of the lower abdomen may not be able to hold.


Second, choose short-sleeved suit or long-sleeved suit according to the season: This is very simple, you can decide the style of the bodysuit according to the outerwear;cheap shapewear

Third, choose the compression level of the bodysuit according to your body’s ability to withstand pressure: The strongest compression is the one that is worn within 30 days after the liposuction operation. Of course, the price is about twice that of the daily version. If there is no special need, you can choose the daily shaping version.

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Fourth, check whether the bodysuit is appropriate:  Too tight is not good for the body’s blood circulation and breathing and digestion, but if it is too loose it’ll has no effect. Personal experience believes that the fitness suit can be measured from the following points:

Changes in heart rate: It is better to increase 10-15 beats / minute than when not wearing, that is to say, the heart rate is 70 times per minute when not wearing, and 80-85 times per minute after wearing is a better interval.

Changes in breathing: due to pressure, breathing will become deeper or more frequent, it is appropriate to increase 5-10 times per minute. Vital capacity will also be reduced to about 1/3 to 1/2 when not wearing. For example, when not wearing, the lung capacity is 3000 ml, and after wearing it can be 1500-2000 ml. The body needs some time to adapt to the lung capacity to become smaller. Usually try to develop the habit of abdominal deep breathing and maintain the original number of breaths, which is also good for the body.

Changes in digestion: Daily bowel movements may lag. For example, when you don’t wear it your bowel movements at 6 a.m. every day, after putting on a bodysuit, it is better to lag 2-4 shapewear

It is recommended to have a medical check every six months. If everything is normal, whether to wear a tighter body shaper as needed.


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