“Profit” cast a lifeline, sinking Miami Miami swimwear company

“Profit” star Marcus Lemillis back to Miami, do his best job: help the business. His latest mission: swimming by Chuck Handy, a family run. Plus the size of the swimsuit brand located in North Miami Beach. We talked to the stars of the episode and opened at 10 o’clock. Tuesday CBNC: Chuck and Mary Lou Handy and their children, daughter Mary Ellen McAteer and son Charlie III, his last entry into reality TV was in 2014, appeared in “Dating Nude”, he was wearing this dress.

What is working with Marcus?

Chuck: He treated his advice firmly and honestly and tried to learn as much of our process as possible. From the beginning, he focused on what made us tick, and how we performed everyone’s responsibility.

Charlie: Working with Marcus is very interesting. He can quickly listen and learn, immediately see the need to improve the field. He must be able to achieve his reputation.

Mary Allen: Marcus can enter a family business with a successful product, but may not be the most successful process, and immediately identify the problem and affect the change. If we want long-term sustainable development, we need to expand the product of a major change. He also allows us to cover swimsuit from overseas and return to the United States in the United States to eliminate our food problems while accelerating the time from the idea to the turn of the product.

Do you bind the fact that you are all from Miami?

Chuck: gave us some common ground.

Charlie: As Marcus grew up in Miami, ladies’ swimsuit was very popular here, believing it was a win.

Mary Allen: It’s a little world, we like to think it’s definitely helpful!

What did you take from Marcus?

Chuck: He is a personal person who believes in us and our story. He soon explored our strengths and weaknesses. We also learned that he hoped that we could stand out from the chart and expand our vision of what we crave. Working with him is one of the best experiences of my life. I can not thank him for all of our faith.

Charlie: I learned to focus on the process and keep my profits because our swimsuit quality is really great. He gave us great confidence in quality, adaptation and production, we really know what we are doing.

Mary Allen: I believe we learned that if we had to solve the problem, it started. We own people and products, but we need a better process that allows us to design from concept to storage.

What has changed your business since recording this episode?

Chuck: Our life and career have changed dramatically. We focus on all-weather work, perform our products and web for our performances. Our process has changed. I can not afford to bear a lot of burden. Mary Allen and Charlie carry most of the. When they need me, I am there to help me with the contact, knowledge and hard work to finish the job. I like to see Charlie and Mary Ellen. Swimwear manufacturer China has always been a huge challenge in the country, and we all have to work hard.

Charlie: Marcus moved me to New York City and gave us a nice gallery.

Mary Allen: We are no longer just a little mom and a popular shop; we have money and great names behind us.

What is the highlight of the episode?

Chuck: Complete a fully planned holiday destination in half a week as well as a complete trade booth! Some how do we do it!

Charlie: Mary Allen, she travels from her mother at home to spend a major holiday fashion brand. Her transition is inspiring.

Retail Details: St. Louis swimwear line ‘summersalts’ over traditional retail; Appetite for Sugarfire BBQ grows

Ten years ago, Lori Coulter launched her name in the series of St. Louis swimsuit, and with Macy’s departmental grand announcement. Large department store transactions are fashionable novice surprise.

Today, Kurt is an entrepreneur costume designer, cleverly bypassing traditional retail stores.

The e-business model, which is directly oriented to consumers, continues to be cut at retail prices and damaged for department stores.

Coulter and Reshma Chamberlin co-founded a swimsuit brand Summersalt, with the support of the investment organization, and launched on May 23rd. Kurt said her company had to press the reset button to find out how to attract customers to spend more and more time online.

Summersalt, at gosummersalt.com, is not just a new brand; Coulter says it has a new attitude.

She set up her company with “TrueMeasure” technology, which includes 3 to D digital body scans and 4 to 6 weeks delivery of swimsuits. At the same time, the Summersalt project can be purchased online and shipped the next day.

Kurt has long closed her body imaging booth, but her clothing Lori Coulter brand keeps online. The designer will not promise to end her brand of the same name, but she says she does not have much energy today. These styles are more conservative, she said the customers are a bit old.

At present, her loricoulter.com e-commerce page in addition to a project has been deeply discounted.

The site also handles her private brand business and custom uniforms, these brands are already profitable.

She said that the new Summersalt series has more sports and leisure influence, can attract adventurers. So far, Kurt said sales have been very good (“thousands” in detail that this line of $ 95 swimsuit. She is waiting for more inventory to supplement the New York manufacturer’s production line of sold items.


Sugarfire barbecue appetite increases

Sugarfire Smoke House will open in O’Fallon, Illinois, after announcing the recent expansion to Indianapolis. The barbecue restaurant is three members of the Post-Dispatch food critic Ian Froeb’s STL 100 list.

There are five locations in Missouri.

O’Fallon City Council will vote at the July 17 meeting to decide on the Green Development Group’s recommendations, including restaurants.

According to the agenda, this area of ​​3800 square meters of the restaurant will be built in Castle Peak Road 1405.

Sugarfire was co-founded by chef Mike Johnson and partner Christina Fitzgerald, opened in Olivette in 2012.

The action has been extended to St. Louis City Center, St. Charles Valley Park, Moscow City, Washington and Moffon County, Ocalon City.

Marcus Lemonis not only saved this struggling swimwear business, he became a part of the family

Chuck Handy has a million dollar idea: Inspired by his wife’s complaint about the lack of cheat swimsuit, he will start a company to fill the retail hole. He wants it to be a family business. So he brought his little son, occupied the vice president of the place, when the daughter is not teaching, the daughter to run and his wife at night chips. For him, Chuck, he will serve as president and design director.

In 2010, Chuck Handy’s SWIM was launched in Miami. However, for all buzzs around the company, buyers have never queued, and millions have never been realized. With their entire family life and wealth being wrapped in SWIM, Handy’s local business is declining – until the profits of Marcus Lemonis throw the tribe to the lifeguard, that’s it.

With years of experience in leading swimwear sales, Chuck believes he knows the industry is already very good, first of all to grasp. However, he was not prepared for his aesthetic view and SWIM middle-aged female population separation. Chuck’s design is based on visits to high-end retailers, and his visit is called “research” – just not dealing with customers. More importantly, these patterns and styles are outdated because they have been imitated in swimwear designs already on the market.

Design overhaul for the brand has just started is a very simple thing, but with Marcus in the business audit soon found, SWIM’s financial situation is a mess. The company was slightly run by Chuck and son Charlie, seriously underestimating its wholesale business, thus missing key profits and debts. And no profit to stimulate it, the company’s inventory is located in a tiny Miami warehouse, is also very lacking.

SWIM has lost its business for all purposes and purposes. However, Marcus in the company’s large-scale mission to feel the great potential, and his combination of large-scale fashion synergies, decided to invest, occupy more than half of the company, and its from top to bottom to transform. As SWIM is now under his control, he quickly relocated to headquarters from Miami to New York, from China to the United States.

In order to further help Handy’s family business to get rid of free fall, Marcus joined his LA fashion company ML Creative design recommendations. The team confirmed this: Chuck’s design was detrimental to the business and limited the coverage of its business. So, in order to change the route, Marcus with his other company Indian village SWIM and a group of young graphic designers linked to update their appearance, and changed his design role.

He also introduced a new name, Siloett, to redefine the company from a conspicuous male perspective and expand the product line. Siloett will now carry hats, bags, towels and slippers as an extension of its main swimsuit series – Chuck’s capable daughter Mary Ellen will take the lead in the fashionable background.

With these radical changes, Marcus gave the family space to prove his worth. And as the Handy clan was able to pull all of it into an impressive industry show, selling thousands of orders, and Marcus in this process, Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen) is the brightest. She not only brought Marcus’s advice and direction to Siloett, but also surpassed the demands he had made, provided a new concept and outlined an vision for the effective development of the brand.

Now, thanks to Marcus for the careful re-adjustment of the Handy family business, Siloett is working with Mary Ellen to flourish. Chuck and Charlie are still involved in the sale of the brand, but Mary Ellen can collaborate with Marcus by working with Marcus via email and text.

Siloett may not look like Chuck’s original vision for family swimsuit business. He may not even call, he admitted that the concessions are very difficult. But he still thanked Marcus for giving him and his family a second chance. Moreover, it seems that he now also thinks that Marcus is part of the convenience of the family.

“Marcus is not necessarily a partner,” Chuck said, “he came in his brother ‘s identity.

4 ways to protect your IP when manufacturing in China

Easy Imex often handles queries on how to protect sensitive intellectual property in the Chinese manufacturing process. As noted in this article, you can reduce the chances of copying and selling your product to your competitors in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at your choice.

Protect your intellectual property outside of China

The best strategy for IP protection is to prioritize IP registrations in your main sales market. If you have a large budget and expect global sales, you should register your patents and trademarks in every market you plan to sell. This means that if you plan to sell your product in China, you also need to register your IP in China!

However, if you are a small business without funds, you need to give priority. It is expensive and time consuming to register IP on each market, so please deal with your customers and register your patents and trademarks in these jurisdictions.

Pre-manufacturing restrictions on IP theft

If you have a groundbreaking product, then you should definitely establish a legally binding and enforceable product manufacturing agreement through the Chinese mainland courts. Chinese law doctor Dr. Dan Harris pointed out that Chinese judges will not enforce foreign judgments. If you are preparing for contracts, agreements, NDA, NNN and so on, make sure to be done by the lawyer who knows how to meet Chinese standards.

The product manufacturing agreement usually includes the following: quality requirements, delivery time, product and intellectual property ownership, molding / mold ownership, NNN (non-competitive, non-circumventing, non-disclosure) and fines.

Limit the theft of the manufacturing process

If you have multiple components of the product, PassageMaker’s China operations manager Mike Bellamy proposed to separate the production of key technologies and send them to a reliable third-party warehouse for closed-door assembly.

The process isolates the final product in a controlled location, which limits the chances of stealing your ideas and creating sales to your competitors.

Prove your product

A reliable way to protect intellectual property is to make proof of its reproduction! As Josh Horwitz explains the outstanding QZ article, the groundbreaking design is not enough.

“Companies must create products that can not be completely removed from the hands, focus on the special features that can be protected, or create a coveted brand that consumers will pay more.”

This can include creating exclusive software to supplement your product, using complex manufacturing processes, prohibiting easy copying, and focusing on your brand and after-sales service.

Finally, the decision to manufacture outside of China, hoping to limit the opportunities for IP theft is invalid. Once the market, imitation can buy the product, send it to China for reverse manufacturing, slightly change, and then directly with you to compete with the market.

Fashion: The story of swimwear

The story of swimwear is changing shapes, attitudes and techniques. Abigail Turner shows the evolution of swimming fashion.

Yorkshire, the birthplace of the typical British brand Marks & Spencer, is the ideal place to start swimming history. Leeds University’s M & S company file has everything from the 1930s knitted woolwear to the body of the 1990s to swimwear swimwear, advertising and clothing itself to explore the story of swimsuit.

Leeds City Museum has been working with the M & S Archives for swimwear talks and shows, explaining the history of fashion, seasonal changes and fashion and evolving society between the charming similarities between.

“The evolution of swimwear and the clothes we wear in the holidays reflect some of the major changes in society over the years, especially in our attitude towards gender, fitness and physical confidence,” said Ruth Martin, the exhibition curator.

It is for medical reasons, fashion takes seawater. In the nineteenth century, the bathing machine became popular with water, involving immersion rather than deep swimming, wearing heavy silk or wool swimwear as a cure for the disease.

However, the nineties of the twentieth century brought about changing attitudes. In the Edwardian era, mixed baths became more acceptable, although Australian professional swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested in 1907 at Revere Beach in Boston, a swimsuit, showing arms, legs and fairies body of. She later launched her own single swimsuit.

From 1910 onwards, single swimsuit more and more obvious, because more women want to participate in swimming and sports hobbies. In 1912, the women participated in the Olympic Games. In 1913, Vogue produced patterns for his own costumes to meet the growing demand.

“The twentieth twenties and earlier swimsuits are quite rare,” said Caroline Brown, an old-fashioned expert in Yorkshire and old-fashioned expert Robert and Brown at House of Rose & Brown. “So, when you find them ”

Made by wool, designed to cover up more than they reveal, in fact the idea of ​​swimming in it is not attractive. ”

By 1920, a beach equipment was vital to each wardrobe. Swimsuit in a variety of styles and colors. Cloth is often used as part of the whole design, many suits are sleeveless, skirts become shorter, waist only by loose sash or contrast pipe definition.

Fashion in 1920 said: “The modern girl is victorious.You can wear whatever she wants to wear, but if she is smart, she will be careful not to let her free on her head. After all, swimsuit than any Other forms of clothes are telling a more honest story.

The 20th century, 30 years, swimsuit fashion has changed. Tan as Coca-Cola to promote the identity of the logo, as well as the desire for physical fitness. Clothing becomes smaller and smaller, more and more transparent, so the body needs to be trimmed. Ruth Martin said: “The older swimsuit is more restrictive and conservative, but because women are more in control of their clothes, so swimsuit becomes more active and colorful, Brave.”

The Lastex and Contralex fabrics with elastic weaving means that the graph may be more slender. “These fast-changing fashion and social norms encourage designers and garment manufacturers to become more brave and creative, leading us to see some of the fashion and beautiful costumes we see today on the street,” Ruth added.

Swimsuit in the world to serve the establishment and expression of the United States and moral standards. In the 1930s and 1940s, Hollywood began to use the charm of erotic baths. If Lara Turner, Jane Russell or Rita Hayworth are seen in a private swimming pool in Los Angeles, that is what every woman wants to do.

During the Second World War, Denmark was requisitioned, contributing to war effort, digging potatoes or harvesting crops. British fashion said: “With the tension of wartime life and wartime work fatigue … take full advantage of every opportunity to bathe the sun.” After 1945, with the beach reopened, seaside holidays became possible, sea, sun, brown Brown The right look becomes an ideal post-war summer recipe.

Swimwear not only tracks modesty and beautiful trends, but also advances in the appearance of technology, sports and fashion. The 1950s, new fabrics and new cotton processing methods. Can not be crushed cotton available, after treatment, making the clothes folded when the crease is very small, washing will drip dry.

Swimwear also reflects the 20th century, 60 years the most prominent social changes in the mood. At the end of the decade, all the support disappeared, because Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton were all painted on the billboard, depicting a boy’s body and ironing board.

Caroline Brown said: “The universal freedom of fashion and lifestyle in the 1960s meant that by the 1970s and 1980s, swimwear had moved significantly toward low-end flavors and steepest triangles To cover your modesty as well as prints and colors, which can not explain the fabric of their time – for example, the seventies of the Maximilian bikini and the 80s neon color synthetic sex swimsuit.

If you want to see, maybe you can buy retro and retro swimwear, please go to Whitby last year’s next year’s large seaside wine show. Caroline Brown says: “This is the only retro apartment with a view of the sea.

China’s factory price inflation in June downturn

China’s producer price inflation in June has not changed, earlier this year, bullish, high and volatile, the steel industry oversupply, the signs of economic weakness exacerbated the price outlook.

The National Commodity Price Index (PPI) rose 5.5% in June, the National Bureau of Statistics said Monday. This is consistent with the analyst’s forecast, unchanged from last month. As the economic activity since March is relatively cold, earlier hit, China’s past few weeks of futures prices, raw material prices rebounded some rebound.

National Bureau of Statistics said that China’s consumer prices in June rose 1.5% compared with the same period last year, in line with market expectations and bullish in May, food prices continue to decline, although the pace slowed.

Analysts worry that price pressures may fall for the rest of the year due to weak economic fundamentals.

Julian Evans-Pritchard of the Singapore Institute of Capital Economics wrote in a report: “The result is that price pressures in previous months seem to stabilize in June.

“Despite this, the slowdown in credit growth may put pressure on economic activity in the coming quarters, and we believe that food price volatility will continue and inflation will continue to decline, which will make hope that sustained inflation expectations may help Weakening the company ‘s debt burden disappointed.

Food prices were the largest component of the consumer price index, down 1.2 percent from the previous year, down 1.6 percent in May and 3.5 percent in April.

According to the State News Center chief economist Zhu Baoliang said Monday, China’s “Financial News” reported that “food prices may be due to the accumulation of grain reserves and seasonal factors, part of the People’s Bank of China.”

Inflation remains moderate despite a rebound in factory activity. China’s swimwear manufacturing industry expanded at the fastest pace in three months in June and was welcomed by strong production and new orders.

At the same time, as investors continue to focus on China’s steel industry capacity reduction and industrial upgrading, spot iron ore and construction steel prices have also increased.

“The government is trying to eliminate low-grade steel, the high profit margins, is to induce the factory to produce more steel, thus increasing the demand for iron ore,” said Zou Mingdong, Shanghai steel manager at COSCO Merchants Group.

“But the price increase did not change the fundamentals of oversupply and weak demand.”

China’s largest steel company Baoshan Iron and Steel Company in the long-term series of growth, the main cut in May and June the main steel products prices.

PPI fell 0.2% in June.

China’s current economic growth rate of about 6.5% this year, the inflation rate of 3%. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in his speech at the World Economic Forum that despite the challenges, China has the ability to achieve annual growth targets and control systemic risks.

Trump is pushing ‘Buy American.’ But customers (mostly) don’t care

Cathy Paraggio always checks the label on what she buys: Is it made in China? Vietnam? Bangladesh? Mexico? Or the United States?

A long time ago, President Trump began to tell the country “to buy Americans, hire Americans”, she was “American manufacturing” movement is very trust.

In 2012, Paraggio launched a men’s swimsuit brand called NoNetz. It makes bathing suits prevent scratches and rash. Paraggio vowed to make suits in the United States. She found a textile factory in Brooklyn, MCM business, can do this work.

There was only one question: the suit cost $ 23 in Brooklyn. Made in China and shipped to Paraggio’s office only $ 10.

Paraggio told CNNMoney that the American manufacturing industry made me look like a bad business person. In any case, she went with Brooklyn. Of course, she believes that customers are more willing to see the “Made in America” ​​label.

This is not what happened

Paraggio said, “Nobody cares about American manufacturing,” Paraggio recently made some suits for the first time from China after Stanley John, Shark Tank, frankly told us the real bottom line. So she ordered it. And cried again

Trump often preached “buy Americans”. He mentioned in his inaugural address. He made the statement (more than 47 million people) in his first prime-time speech to Congress. He became a sporting problem.

However, the biggest obstacle to Trump’s vision may be American shoppers who have been looking for a good deal.

Americans are most concerned about the price

After investigating the survey, Americans said they were more inclined to buy “Made in America” ​​products. But when it comes to actual spending, their choice will tell a different story.

“Consumers are made in the US until they have to pay the price,” said Greg Portell, a partner at consulting firm A.T. “Kearney, who specializes in advising retailers.
Related: The Michigan American promised never to go to China

After shopping for discount retailers such as Wal-Mart (WMT) and Target (TGT) for years, people have become accustomed to cheap prices. In general, if they do not spend more than China or Germany or Bangladesh, they only buy the United States.
Paraggio first saw this trend in her business. She gets the customer’s two regular comments: they like the product, but why do you spend so much money?

A recent survey released by the Associated Press shows that nearly 75% of people want to buy Americans. But their first choice is to buy cheap items. The Boston Consulting Group has been studying the problem for many years and found that it is more complicated. When people go to the store, they also consider quality.

BCG found that 85 percent of US consumers believe that US-made products are of better quality than overseas-made products. They are willing to pay a premium for certain products made in the United States. For baby formula, they will pay more for the price. For shoes, they will not.

“Garment is one of the difficult problems of re-listing, which is a tough way to go,” said Hal Sirkin, a senior partner at BCG.

Overall, BCG estimates that US manufacturers’ companies can charge up to about 5% of the share.

Business to respond to the bottom line

Trump certainly understands this labor math. Some of his own clothes are made in China.

Zhongyu owns the factory in Brooklyn, Paraggio has been producing NoNetz swimsuit. He has been in the garment industry for 35 years, but when New York raised the minimum wage, he was worried about continuing his business. Employees in New York City have more than 11 employers who must pay $ 11 per hour. By the end of 2018, this figure will reach $ 15 per hour.

“In China, $ 2 or $ 3 per hour, and even China’s prices are too expensive, retailers are turning to countries such as Bangladesh.

I am still busy, but almost all of the small orders are below 300. Most of his customers are small businesses like NoNetz. Once they reach a certain size, they usually jump overseas for production.

“People think that the quality of American manufacturing is better, but this is not true,” Well, frankly. “It all depends on the quality and labor of the machine.”

Yu would not say that he had voted in favor, but he thanked Trump, who was talking about “Americans” in his world.

“When we hear how Trump brings back to the manufacturing industry, we are excited,” Yu told CNNMoney. “But we have to see how he will implement it.”

What can return to the United States

Whether Trump can put the manufacturing industry, let alone the work of the manufacturing industry, back to the United States, there is a lot of controversy. Robotics and automation have also taken some (if not a large part of the state-run university that says 88% of manufacturing unemployment comes from automation).

Experts say it will take more “America buy” promotions to make it happen.

BCG research shows that some industries are more mature than other industries than the United States. The reality is that wages in China and the rest of the world are on the rise, making the attractiveness of certain products there.
Sirkin said: “Computer and home appliances are at a critical point.” We see overseas manufacturing costs have risen. ”

BCG found that clothing is one of the most unlikely return processes.
“How could you buy $ 5 shorts and make it here, you absolutely can not, I tried,” sad Paraggio.

Australia refuses $ 150 million Australian brand: Sean Ashby, aussieBum

In the episode of “My Business Podcasts”, Sean revealed the scale of the denial he faced, and how he would use such a refusal as a motive for success.

Adjust his mind, dare to take risks, the “Australian spirit” into his product, making the Australian BMW brand to master and flourish.

In the podcast, Sean said:

1.His journey from $ 30,000 at his table to the $ 150 million global empire

2.How openly honest has helped to ensure the possibility of business opportunities

3.He used to build a huge social follower’s cheeky marketing skills

4.Why he thanked the counterfeiters to help him develop his career

And plenty more!

Complete transcripts

Adam Zuchetti: Welcome to my business podcast. Thank you very much for your adjustment here Adam Zuchetti and my regular co-chair Andy, though infected with the flu, but is not it?

Andy Scott: Oh, I have a cold again, it’s not the first time we talked about this. So obviously did not take my vitamins, companions. There is not enough sun this is obviously what the problem is. For today’s guests, this is a weak link, but –

Adam Zuchetti: It’s a fun segue, yeah.

Andy Scott: He started his business in Drummoyne’s restaurant in 2001. Since then, he has established a global brand, sales all over the world, turnover of about 20 million US dollars. I think the really interesting part of the sales is only 15% from Australia. But enough for my ass, companion. Introduce today’s guests.

Adam Zuchetti: Many people will really be familiar with this brand, I know that I am one of them. So we’ve created Sean Ashby of aussieBum. Sean, thank you very much for joining us today in the studio.

Sean Ashby: Thank you for inviting me.

Adam Zuchetti: This is a very iconic brand. You can give us a really simple overview of how it happened. Because you have a really related one of the stories, starting from the table, and then growing into what is now world famous.

Sean Ashby: I feel like anybody who has his own thing. They are working for someone else while I am working on the company’s work and marketing and moving my way from the company ladder to the top when i reach the top I realize that it’s not just about what i like it’s about politics and Everything else. It was not me so I finally thought on the beach, i would change life and i would be a personal coach and all these things. Then I realized that this was not what I wanted to do and I wanted to do marketing. But at this stage, I have been engaged in the industry, technology has been developed, in fact, was underestimated … can not find a job, or I was overtaken in other industries.

At that time I used to wear a certain swimsuit, one day to the store, can not afford to buy. Very disappointed. It is not so hard to decide that I will do it myself. So that’s what I did. Then i put it over to the friend and then from there i wanna hang up if you can not buy it at the store and i will go to the retail store to sell it. At this point, the retailer says who you are, who buys this, nobody buys this and goes away. And I did, I went home, built a website myself, went to a bookstore, bought an e-commerce software solution, and then began selling directly to the consumer, the customer.

Starting today, you are talking about more than $ 150 million in sales and a truly global business.

Andy Scott: When you say “this”, you said the specific product is …

Sean Ashby: swimsuit.

Andy Scott: But a particular type of …

Sean Ashby: Yes, yes.

Andy Scott: What is your first line, what is it?

Sean Ashby: This is Speedo once produced nylon style swimsuit. This is very iconic for the Australian background. When they go to the beach, everyone wears this. But that time in 2001 or so, Lycra came in or spandex came in, frankly, for women may look great, but I think the man looks ridiculous. So I want to keep the culture. Rather than obeying everyone else’s dress, I insist on using the classic.

Andy Scott: You explicitly mention your background is marketing, you are in the business world, you do not like what you are doing, and you are forced to do something else. I am interested to know that it is the gap you see in the market, that is where there is the idea of ​​business, or you find the passion, what is driving business?

Sean Ashby: Good question. At a friend on the beach of Michael, we were both unemployed. I saved a family loan and bought a home – it was a great Australian dream. So I have about $ 30,000 in the bank. But because I did not work, I could not afford to buy a home. In addition, I can not find a job. So I’m like … I have a little chips on my shoulders, no one will give me a job, God is dead, life is … how dare they dare? At that time that time, I still think, how can I not find the wedding dress I used to wear. I put one by one together and did two.

So I used the money that did not use it. I remember my comment on Michael: “If I want to take my life as my life, then I will do it in my way, not let it get out of it.” Took the first step, that was the most terrible step. I should say that I really walked a wonderful year, “God is dead, that’s what I am doing.

Adam Zuchetti: It’s a very common thing that you say, but really make you have the final push, “yes, i’m doing this” and promised to do this?

Sean Ashby: Honestly, every week I’ll catch my partner at the bar. Everyone wants to talk about what they are doing and what’s happening in your life. So everyone is up. I have done this, or now work really hard. They got me, just like, “how about you, how about this, what about this idea? And because I’ve found it for a long time and only work like that, so I realized I had to jump because if i was not just To be a man, all the people will speak.I have been a man of action, so it is … have my own motivation and my self value because it is my self-worth, my pride because once I was very successful, I thought that came back that time I was ready to fight for this.

Andy Scott (Andy Scott): When you just started, we just talk, you will get your product, you will go to the brick and mortar. You hit the retailer at the door and stored my product. You almost hit the door by your door. What do you think about what you have made to change your business?

Sean Ashby: You are asking really good questions, because I can even see an example like me intuitively, “so the end of the story.” This is … I will fly to Melbourne, rent a car, rent a car, to travel along the Great Ocean Road. Because there are these surfing shops, they will buy my products, all my swimsuit. So I got into the car, I have started knocking on the door. I went to this one major retailer and talked to the salesman, and he said, “Let me put all the staff together.” There are more than a dozen staff. He said, “Okay, now it’s up.”

So I am selling a shorts in the surf clothing store, here I am with the nylon Speedos, I am talking to them about this quality. Quick to dry, you can run, that’s great. At first they were all smiling. I thought it was not killing it. But few people realize that they are angry because they oppose the opposition they represent. I tried to sell the last thing on the earth they wanted. When I realized that the manager was doing things for his own entertainment and the entertainment of the staff, he walked out of the door and I thought, “I will prove that they are wrong.

The second example is a large department store. They also have … “Yes, it sounds funny and funny.” And I called them, always the buyer did not. Like “Oh no, he was in a meeting”. Or “no, no, no”. I was thinking he was meeting. Week passed, and finally I called, but I did not say it was me. He said: “Look, you did not get the point of the meeting, why I did not talk to you, do not sell it, it was an absurd idea, just stop worrying me. It is the two things that let me go,” the game Friends, games “.

Adam Zuchetti: How did you come to the first big bite of the cherry, the first came to the ship and said, “Yes, actually we want to buy your product”

Sean Ashby: Oh, I remember now that the Selfridges department store. It was about two o’clock in the morning, the phone rang. Probably sold for about 12 months, but sold directly to people.

Adam Zuchetti: This is the British Selford Ridge?

Sean Ashby: London. this is…

Adam Zuchetti: Big.


Sean Ashby: This is the world department store. This is copied or inspired by all other department stores. So I picked up the phone, “hello, and another man, I can not do the English accent … he goes,” Oh, it’s from David of Sylvesbury. I do not even know who Selfridges is. “Oh, yes, yes, do you know what time? He goes,” look, I want to buy your swimsuit, great. At that time, Kylie Minogue video clips have been out, and our swimsuit is released there. David said, “Can you give me me?” I’m like, “of course, who are you? He’s gone,” I’m David Walker, the men of Selford Ridge. “I rarely know that this man is God, then I talk to God. I like,” I am going to do in the morning, David, what is your address? He goes, “you can find, you know, just …” “Just give me” – Oxford Street and all of this. Until the next day, I saw you on the Internet this building, like the palace Buckingham Palace. I literally just gobsmacked. My chin hit the ground

Adam Zuchetti: You must have thought you were dreaming

Sean Ashby: Yes. Then the most interesting one is so, so I have sent it over, there are about 20 pieces I have made the past, and I have never been to London. Go to London I do not want to go there really, because it is winter, I see on television are gloomy. The customs guy said, “What are you doing here? I’m already playing, boy.” I am selling my swimsuit here, I already have all the barbs. “He goes,” who are you selling? ” “” I do not know, but someone, you know, David. “So who is David? So in any case, it makes me very excited and motivated. So I went into the Selford Ridge, met … no, first gone, looking at my product, I was unhappy because My product is on a wire stand.I am looking at someone else, Calvin Klein and all the big brands.You get all this wall space and all these other things that i just got this little rack This is not good enough.

I went into the meeting and I did not know that David would not go to attend these meetings … so David came in, “Sean, nice to see you, how do you feel like?” I’m not happy, everybody happy. “He said,” What do you mean, you are selling in Selford, which is a great success. “I said,” yes, but how do you see how to be sold? I am very proud of what I am selling. No one ever, did not stand up, but nobody had such a performance. I am doing very much in Australia because I see myself as much as David. Anyone who talks to me will treat them equal. I did not realize that I should bow first and talk.

It is really in their hearts to find a place. That’s why we’ve been there for over ten years. Then when you look at other big brands and take Von as an example. They lasted for 12 months. This is only because I guess, the spirit of Australia with me in the personality, but I have sold the enthusiasm into the decision makers.


Adam Zuchetti: aussieBum, even the name, I mean the whole culture behind the brand is very the people of the Australian beach.

Sean Ashby: Yes

Adam Zuchetti: This kind of experience really led to the brand building along this route, or you already have this brand, it’s already there, they just happened to know that this is more validated?

Sean Ashby: Yeah, it’s so great for Australians because I am an Australian and I am a beach burner. The way I sell the brand from the beginning is exactly what I see and want the brand, and I want to be, because of the lack of better performance, I change myself. So it was impossible for me. But I want to create this “look at this perfect person and his perfect way of life”. What I like is to turn myself and all the other cameras back, because we want to show the smoke and the mirror, and then go, “This is really our.” People also like this. So when David saw the brand, they tracked them online, so they saw the video behind the scenes, and they saw everything we had encountered in the past, and that was what they were in love with.

When dealing with the big end of the city and acting in the traditional way of the Australian Kath & Kim, I can say a lot of interesting stories. But that also gives us a lot of places and reputation for these major companies.

Adam Zuchetti: Interestingly, the whole background, you really cut the identity of the Australians. You said before we are over, although after the success of overseas, you really succeed in Australia.

Sean Ashby: Yes.

Adam Zuchetti: This is a very interesting juxtaposition.

Sean Ashby: I think the most common thing that Australians say to me in the early days of online sales is: “You must be very disappointed that you will not sell it at David Jones. Not on Sydney’s Pitt Street, but on the Internet. “At this stage, e-commerce is rising overseas, but until Kylie Minogue and her video in Spain, as well as Selford and Harvey Nichols (Harvey Nichols) and Kazakhstan I think that Australians are actually looking overseas and not happening here, and because many brands are attracted by the global brand, so we are actually the name of the name of the name of the name of the name, But when the Australian brand in the overseas success of the time, Australia to accept the brand for their own brand, as now our brand, is considered a symbol of the brand is also considered valuable, but also to the United States, So there is a commodity.

Adam Zuchetti: Do you really go overseas?

Sean Ashby: No, everything is online, so for me, and I did not have the money nor the luxury. So I’m selling something in Australia, but I do not realize that the world is so love of Australia, they just want one piece. That work, when they watch the video or read the image, that piece is that I can see this swimsuit. I can wear it on the beach of Brighton, such as London or Germany. I think the brand itself is such a growth.

Andy Scott: Interestingly you mentioned people’s image overseas. Obviously, as a person who immigrated from the UK 17 years ago, I am also very aware of the image of Australia. I know Foster’s beer is the reason why everyone in Australia is drinking because Hoggs sells you, you know what’s going on. You have not found … what time to realize that this is selling something overseas, that might be what you should … I thought –

Sean Ashby: Yes. This is a good question. When people are talking about where we shoot, I realize that. There are facts about never before, it has always been their dream. I think today’s business is hard to call these benefits. Because at that time the international travel has just begun, so people in the body or to go somewhere displaced. For a brand like us, this is a connection. Today, however, most people have been to the rest of the world. Australia is still a dream for many people because it is far away. That’s what I think is built on fantasy.

For a brand like us, it is a combination of iconic men and … Because we are known for our success in sports, and our way of life is by the sea. So it all go hand in hand.

Andy Scott: Did you find something so successful overseas work, bring it back to the Australian market, there might not stand out, this is a problem, you have to change your market, perhaps the Australian bank country?

Sean Ashby: It’s funny. Because of my brand’s way of selling, when we think of globalization, in different countries, people are different for different marketing methods called different tolerances. Australia is very conservative. Now I am very rich and colorful, we sell swimsuit, selling underwear, so very thick no, sexy. And because this is the male form of selling the product. Now in Australia, we are not used to. So when they start to taste my marketing and brand, it is automatically “Oh, you know that it’s just a little bit … no, no no no no.”

Interestingly, we have billboards in England, Germany and L.A., nothing happens. In Australia, we do not even allow these images together, because they think people will find it is offensive, I feel ridiculous. Today has been mature for some time, we already have a bus sport, such as running, there is a man wearing a pair of underwear, he is very beautiful. The Australians are warming. So I think if there is anything back to the Australian talent is not prepared, here is an international brand, here is how to market. It is uniquely listed. So we do not look like bonds, we do not look like Calvin Klein. This is what I think is causing concern. At the same time, the concern about this is the fact that the Bank of Australia, it has been cheeky, it is always there. Its origin is very proud, not because different people have different values ​​and change.

Adam Zuchetti: I am interested in asking you what else you say is empty talk. You say retail with global summer. It is now clear that she is in the same season as the United States, the United Kingdom and other major markets, especially in Australia. How to really affect the design process, production processes, business processes?

Sean Ashby: One of the cool things is that we are still making all swimsuit and underwear in Australia. Now I will be Australia as the beginning of the summer world. So that’s where all the new ideas are first released, and all the risks. Because we manufacture locally, which means I do not need to predict and reduce the number of large, because if I’m doing great, I will be more conservative design, in order to avoid the risk. But when I played very well, Bam went back to manufacturing directly, and when I was walking, I was picking up sales.

With the passage of time, the summer has passed, we entered the summer of North America, at that stage, I have matured the design range, I also received in the spring series overseas emerging new trends. Again, i can add to that fold. When we hit big mothers like Britain, Germany, France, all the guns are hot, we know what is valid, what exactly are we cutting, and what color will be successful.

Andy Scott: You mentioned the risks there, obviously when the business generally began, they will lose less, so they are prepared to take more risks. As the size of the business grows, they become increasingly risky. Do you think –

Sean Ashby: Oh, no I do not.

Andy Scott: It will be my problem. Do you think it is important that an organization is always risking the risk of success? Maybe not the whole business, but in a place they can take risks?

Sean Ashby: Yes. Look, if I do not take the risk every week, my business will not be here today. It is due to innovation. This is an important part of the growth business. If there is no innovation, then in today’s world you have no business. There is a competitive side, if you follow the package, then … sometimes you can be very quiet and very successful to do this; but you still have to bear the same risk to grow. Those risks … on the one hand, there is little education, but in fact it is often the place where the failure occurs, because you will be afraid of what you want to do because you think of all the things that might happen. And in the last few days you do not know any one, so the risk you are taking is just seeing it is normal.

I actually tried because of the lack of a better word, naive. When I take risks, I will take into account the financial impact, but I have done a budget for this. I am happy to fail. And actually motivated me to fail. But no failure is complacent kick.

Adam Zuchetti: That’s financial risk. But once you are clearly passionate about your business, what you have done, you have built up the brand and reputation, the reputation can take on your own life, and may be more valuable than the big financial costs. So how do you really do it, and by trying new things to stop the risk of damaging your brand?

Sean Ashby: I think the biggest risk my company is facing is the day I woke up and I do not want to go to work. Having said that, this is when i do not have any relationship when i have no relationship when i am … my passion is burned out. I hope that I can give the batons to others, but this may be a greater risk. Because if you want to enter a level of complacency or a “it is necessary to be level”, it’s bread and butter, “I think it’s your business that will mature while we are talking … these are 16 years old Most fashion brands will not last so long, because we have been remodeling ourselves, but I have never received what we have done, and this comes back to his early self-esteem and really sees it as The driver is not afraid.

Andy Scott (Andy Scott): I am interested in people who are clearly involved in the organization, you will talk to him. Do you think there are more people willing to buy your vision, or do you think there are more people who will challenge you and your vision?

Sean Ashby: Yes. Look, when I see someone having a natural gift, whether it is creative or in business, I am the best they do not know. Because for me, to be able to cooperate with someone, watching them grow and develop is satisfactory. In the early stages of very, very hard. Most people do not like me, completely stopped, because I am very brave, very blunt, very driven. I also have high expectations for them. And they did not. However, watching them succeed is what motivates me, driven me, because I am competitive, so like “I have to stay ahead of this step, this person is a bit too good.”

I think there is a culture of pride or passion, but also by looking at what we are doing to drive, we are in the global arena, we have a very large community has a great voice of the brand. We can influence that. And I think it’s very important. This is very important for many of today’s people. Having said that, there are a lot of people who have started business, it is surprising that people say to me: “You are not very upset, they have started this business.” I like, “No, I am very proud, I am Pride, very excited, believe they can. “They can, and they do well. For me, work done well.

I have recently had a business dinner with NAB, we are talking about entrepreneurs and people who go out to work, you will lose good talent. I said, you know that this person is at work, it is time to review, we sit down, how to go, all this all. He said to me, “Sean, I decided to start my own brand, or I wanted to create something, but I wanted to sell it through the Australian bank.” I seem to be, “How are you? My first reaction However, then I thought of one, curious about you, but why not? Why not? Because I will keep a stunning man, and will grow my business, but I also have the opportunity for My career seeded seed, the next big event.

And I think business is changing. You have these bigger organizations to bring entrepreneurs to create their own ideas. Nothing to stop me from doing the same thing, but in my company.

Adam Zuchetti: For you and your business, whether it is in the product structure, or for people, this innovative element, is how do you deal with such a cheap stepping stone? If you keep remodeling yourself, you are basically keeping the lead …

Sean Ashby: Great … I would like to thank the counterfeiters for developing Taiwan and thanks for the good places in China. I did not spend a penny there. Because of poor quality, those who have bought it or have seen my site to buy products, they come to me, because I will pay the highest dollar to get the product, because they just like the brand. People say, “Why do not you take care of them and all the factories?” You close a factory and another factory will be open. The trick is to stay ahead, and every week we have new products, and every week we have a new activity. No manufacturer can keep up with what we are doing. This is a how to manage.

Ultimately, these poor quality manufacturers are also lost, and because of our core products continue to change, making it difficult to use. If so, the big end of the town is basically taking our design and putting it in their retail store. I initially took a very big compliment. I even … have a brand, big international brand, copy some stich-for-stich. I remember seeing in the store, I was very excited, I had to take pictures with me. “Look at this, we have done, we have done.” Today, this is only part of the business, once you feel comfortable, it is not so terrible.

Adam Zuchetti: Okay you have a fascinating story, I think there are more things to discuss, but we’ve run out, are not you, Andy?

Andy Scott: It seems like that.

Adam Zuchetti: yes, sad but real Sean, thank you very much for coming and talking to us. What is your site

Sean Ashby: aussieBum.com.

Adam Zuchetti: aussieBum.com. So if someone wants to see your products and things …

Sean Ashby: Yes, we are selling now, with a 50% discount in the last 72 hours.

Andy Scott: There are salespeople.

Adam Zuchetti: I think I know where I am. If you have other questions, you can always give them to us. Editor@mybusiness.com.au, we can put their way. We will also get some stories on Sean’s many things. This is the site mybusiness.com.au. In the next week to adjust again when we have other people in the studio. Thanks for tuning in. Bye for now.

Andy Scott: See you guys.

How to choose “Made in China” can save your company money

Small business investors and turnaround king Marcus Lemonis returned to CNBC’s “profit” and broadcast on Tuesday night at 10 pm. ET, on a tough family business have some anti-intuitive views.

In this week’s episode, Lemonis visited SWIM through Chuck Handy, a family-style swimwear business that focused on increasing customers. The company was founded in 2010 and is currently losing money and can not afford additional inventory.


Lemonis zeroes the company’s manufacturing process when he determines the key issues to be addressed.


At present, SWIM is manufacturing clothing in America, each swimsuit price of 15 dollars. Lemonis encourages families to turn to Chinese manufacturers, where the cost of suits will be close to $ 18.


It will be an unprecedented cost for long-term preservation.

Lemonis said: “Most people will take a look and say: why do you spend more money to get it here?”


“I will give you the answer: the minimum is lower, the delivery time is faster, you can grasp your hand from start to finish, rather than by e – mail to America, and return to hope that this is correct.


Lemonis does not choose the cheapest process, but rather emphasizes the value of transportation and delivery time, and better control the quality and accuracy of the product.


Lemonis said: “From the surface, it sounds like a good idea, because it is cheap.” But is it really cheaper? Once you go back and forth through the ocean, make any adjustments, you can not get the product in time to meet the market, no time really will spend your money?

Facekini fever

Face to face is the Chinese beach audience in the most popular social networking hot topic, in the June 28 release in Qingdao, the latest generation after the release, once again aroused the concern of the general public. Driven by high demand, its famous, unique appearance and practical function of sunray protection, facekini has become a niche part of the overall swimwear market, as China’s consumer upgrades have released ambitious entrepreneurs more business potential.

Zhang Shi-fan is a 61-year-old baker’s inventor in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Since the invention of high-demand products, her products have been moving towards internationalization over the past decade.

The beach mask from Qingdao, also known as the “western face”, attracts many domestic and international headlines due to its unique appearance.

Consumers think this is the most effective and practical way to face sunshine, so in China’s beaches, this hot topic is also pointed out in the media reports.

Nylon products have become a hot topic in Western media coverage, especially Reuters in 2012 in Qingdao Beach posted a picture of middle-aged women.

Last year, a Qingdao residents Jia home, at home to buy five facial skin family, this year and bought two.

“I feel comfortable wearing because of the high elasticity and effective sun protection, because the summer often swims on the beach,” the Global Times said on Monday.

A new trend

Last year in July, a white-collar worker, Li Yang, in Beijing last year, tried to face and found that playing water in the sun was crucial when visiting Bali in Indonesia.

Mr. Lee told the Global Times on Monday that I was shocked when I was wearing it, but I got used to it and realized that it was more important to protect my face from the sun. ”

Facekini not only by domestic consumers, more and more popular overseas.

Zhangjiajie Thursday in the “Global Times” said that some countries in Australia and Southeast Asia can find facekini, and pointed out that “last year online and offline sales of 30,000 to 40,000 facial skin.”

When Mr. Zhang invented the veil for the first time in 2004, she never foresaw the current popularity.

The invention of facekini was intended to be a supplement to the anti-jellyfish swimwear of Zhang Shui’s invention.

Influenced by the needs of Qingdao swimmers and swimming swimmers protected by chickenpox at sea, Mr. Zhang decided to create a anti-jellyfish swim suit to protect her community swimmer and travel to this trip in 2004 The Face to face

“In view of my client’s feedback on the suit, I continued my design by creating an independent mask, only the eyes, nose and mouth, and later became the first generation of” facekini “.

The seventh generation facekini premiered on June 28 in Qingdao seaside, as several young female models showed new features of blue and white porcelain and embroidery to media cameras.

“Porcelain behind the inspiration from the Yuan Dynasty authentic porcelain [1279-1368], now in the Iranian museum display, embroidery on behalf of the traditional Chinese craft,” Zhang said she wanted to express the “Silk Road” concept.

Another highlight of the new generation is to sew the mask on the collar of the swimsuit.

“This improvement comes from my client’s feedback because they think this feature makes it more convenient.” Zhang added.

A new generation of facial skin stock is still in production, is expected to start from mid-July sales.

Still a small business

Beijing’s independent technology analyst Liu Dingding Monday in the “Global Times” said that China’s face-to-face popular behind that China’s consumption is being upgraded and become more diversified.

Shanghai market consulting firm iResearch analyst Guo Shimin agreed that the company has a niche market in China.

“To tell the truth, face to face the first few generations is not very beautiful, but more attention to practicality, because they focus on sunscreen and jellyfish control and other effective features, most consumers are often middle-aged women, Kwak told Monday “Global Times”.

He said that the unique product now attracts young people as consumers, the reason is largely due to social media.

Taobao in China shopping platform on the three stores, Zhang’s Facebook sales in recent years showing a year-on-year growth. Mr. Zhang has been operating body swimwear since 2004 and has been distributing wholesale business over the past 13 years.

However, due to its specific target audience and function, the entire swimsuit market face angle of only 30 yuan ($ 4.42), is the swimwear market, a niche player.

“The product is seasonal and has a very complex production process because of its unique design,” said Mr. Zhang. “Zhang points out that the unique product has the limitations of profitability.

“A swimming product swimwear manufacturer China once told me that they were more willing to do a couple of swim trunks than a noodle pants because the mask needed to work harder,” Mr Cheung said.

Mr. Liu said that despite the current market situation is obvious, but the business is not yet in place. “Meet the needs of specific consumer groups – in this case, China ‘s middle – aged female beach players – should actively encourage aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can pursue the niche market.