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Work from Home OOTD: 7 Days of Being Stylish and Successful

Are you still working from home? Lucky you! A lot of companies have asked their employees to work in the office already, which means that they would have to wake up earlier than usual to get ready. However, working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t have to allot time to get ready. There have been many studies that show that developing great habits of waking up early and preparing for the day can boost your chances of success in life.

Be inspired and look to the nines with these fashion inspiration work-from-home looks that are easy to pull off!

Day 1: Cropped Sweater + Flared Pants

Rib-Knit Cropped Sweater                        Ribbed Knit Flare Pants

A cropped top is always a good choice when you’re at home. It’s casual and comfortable. Add to that the fact that this Rib-Knit Cropped Sweater has a  gorgeous square neckline and trendy sleeve style.

Match this cute top with a pair of ribbed knit pants that will make you feel like a part of the movie “Mean Girls” with the cute preppy look. If you want to be a little extra, you can add a pair of dainty earrings and a necklace.

Day 2: Tie-Front Top + Trouser

Plunging Tie-Front Top                          Pointelle cotton cropped trousers


For this summer season, dress appropriately with an air white tie-front top, and a matching pair of cropped trousers. This is perfect if you’re going to work by the pool or on your rooftop.

One of the perks of working from home is you can work anywhere in your home or even outside your home with your laptop. To match the bright season, light and comfortable clothes are always preferable.

Day 3: Tie-Dye Hoodie + Wide-Leg Jeans

SOFT TIE-DYE SWEATSHIRT                                         RIPPED WIDE LEG JEANS

Be colorful and fun with a soft tie-dye sweatshirt and a pair of ripped wide-leg jeans for a casual and cool day. This is something you can wear if you don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning.

You can accessorize with a big headband or you can put your hair in braided pigtails for a youthful look. Tie-dye shirts are trendy with their funky designs. If you want a more feminine design, you can opt for pastel colors.

Day 4: Stylish Shirt Dress + Fluffy Sandals

And Now This                                        Jenni

Women’s Cotton Shirtdress                          Women’s Faux-Fur Solid Crossband Slippers,                 Created for Macy’s

Have you ever seen how some rich housewives dress? That’s basically the inspiration for this outfit. Look well-dressed in a cotton shirtdress, but still laidback with a pair of fluffy faux-fur slippers to keep your feet toasty warm. It won’t make sense to wear shoes inside the home, right? This outfit gives off a fancy vibe.

Day 5: Pretty Dress + Long Cardigan

Buttoned Tiered Mini Dress                                 Fuzzy Knit Duster Cardigan

Feel feminine and beautiful with a gorgeous buttoned tiered mini dress paired with a fuzzy knit duster cardigan. This is a preppy outfit that will make you feel as if you’re walking on flowers. This look is definitely a mood-booster to make you look at the day with a positive perspective.

When working from home, can be quite boring and uninspiring. So, dressing prettily can give you a ray of sunshine to feel inspired to work.

Day 6: Denim Overall Dress + Chunky Headband

Tommy Jeans                                        INC International Concepts

Embroidered Varsity Logo Denim Overall Dress              Fuzzy Padded Headband, Created for Macy’s

Denim barely ever goes out of style. Hence, take advantage of looking cute with Tommy Jeans Varsity Logo Denim Overall Dress, with a plain shirt underneath. Accessorize with a fuzzy padded headband for an adorable and youthful outfit.

Day 7: Soft White Dress + Dainty Necklace

Ruffled Cutout Tie-Back Romper                 South Sea Pearl Link Pendant in 18k Gold, 16″

Cut-out dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits are really trendy with the cute geometrical cut-outs being the statement design. Check out Forever 21’s tie-back romper for a sweet summer look. Complete with a simple South Sea Pearl necklace to amplify the stunning look.

Be a cute chic with success right at her fingertips. Work hard and look gorgeous with these comfortable yet fashionable looks. Wearing great OOTDs even while at home helps prevent procrastination, and motivates you to get things done. Not preparing for the day, and being lousy will dampen your mood throughout the day, so be sure to put a little effort into self-care and self-improvement for a better you!


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