Great grandma’s swimsuit is a hot mess

Modern women may think that they have swimwear problems, but compared to the past “swimwear”, the current available fashion is enviable, whether you want to report comprehensively or less. In the past century or so, cheap high waisted swimsuits have remained a relatively new invention and have undergone tremendous reforms.

The ocean may have formed 3.8 billion years ago, but swimming became a popular pastime until the early 19th century and was called “bathing.” The emergence of this kind of leisure pursuit pleads with the question of what a person should wear. Men do not follow the old modest rules as women do now, and it is easy. However, since the display skin is traditionally inseparable from sex and morality, it can be said that the woman is completely a small stream. This modern transformation is in stark contrast to the ideals of thousands of years ago when the ancient Romans and Greeks were proud of the sporting body and even exhibited women’s paintings in two-piece clothing. Oh, horror!

Fast forward for many years, the influence of Christianity is evident in the development of swimwear. (Merriam-Webster said that it was not until 1926 that the “swimsuit” was used for the first time). In fact, the original swimsuits for most of the 19th century required women to wear long-sleeved lace-up dresses on their trousers from head to toe, often wearing bulky pants. Insults of injury – due to its waterproof properties, this combination is usually made of wool. As our owner pointed out, the entire garment easily weighs about 30 pounds (nearly 14 kg) when wet!

Although this dress is very delicate, it looks pale and weak compared to the scene actually appearing on the beach. In fact, women of this era are expected to enter a cabin (wearing clothes) that can be rented on the beach. Once safely hidden in this “bath machine”, she became a bathing costume, and only dared to appear after the house was hit by a team of horses. Then she can leave the hut, swim relatively privately, thank the waves for sheltering, re-enter the hut and be pulled back to the shore, her virtues intact.
Come on, it’s so hard to roll your eyes. Let’s wait

Although many women today will undoubtedly resist this process, this sentiment lasts for a long time. Even after people start waking up and developing better choices, they are still difficult to wear, let alone swim. In addition, these somewhat curvy, slightly skinned clothes sparked a lot of controversy, inspiring debates, laws regulating swimwear, and even a large group of police swarming beaches to arrest violators.

However, the final trend began to provoke public perceptions of swimsuits and made some much-needed changes to clothing.

Listen to podcasts and learn more about the people and companies that are driving this change, and the extreme lengths they have to go. Then, put on your swimsuit and proudly support your things, I believe no one will arrest you unless you are really crazy.

Salt Life Introduces New Ladies Swimwear Collection

Greenville, SC, August 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Delta Apparel, Inc., a leading supplier of basic and branded apparel, headwear and related accessories. (NYSE: DLA) today announced the launch of the new Ms. Swimwear business through the licensing agreement with industry leader SwimUSA to develop the Salt Life business. The inaugural Salt Life Women’s Swimwear collection was designed with style and functionality in mind, with emphasis on beach landscape prints, the traditional Salt Life brand, and high quality fabrics and finishes. The series was recently unveiled at the 36th Annual Swimwear Show in Miami, Florida, the largest event in the swimwear industry and will be launched in the United States in February 2019.

Salt Stillwell, president of Salt Life, said, “As the Salt Life brand continues to expand its products, our top priority is always to maintain the integrity of the brand and to provide the high quality standards that loyal customers expect. We are on the market for the new women’s swimwear online collection. The reaction was very exciting and I couldn’t wait to share it with those who liked salt.”

Delta Apparel, Inc. Chairman and CEO Robert W. Humphreys commented: “We are pleased to see that Salt Life continues to expand its market reach through the new swimwear collection, especially after the recent launch of its brand of craft beer, salt live beer. We will Continue to look for opportunities to enhance the Salt Life brand.”

About salt life
Salt Life is a true, ambitious lifestyle brand that embraces people who love the ocean and everything that lives in “Salt Life.” The South Life brand was founded in 2003 by four hot waterers from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The fans of the world have a wide appeal to the ocean. From fishing, diving and surfing, to beach fun and sun-drenched relaxation, the Salt Life brand says, “I live in salt life.” Many professional athletes, athletes and other ambassadors in fishing, surfing, diving, rock, pop and country music The world is aligned with the brand through cross-marketing partnerships ( The brand is visible in the media, sports and pop culture sectors, including music videos, national tour sponsorships, fishing and outdoor related TV shows, professional racing events, the Netflix series “Bloodline” and Salt Life’s popular YouTube channel. Since its first launch in 2006, Salt Life has grown in surf shops, specialty stores, department stores and sporting goods retailers. Salt Life products are also available at and Salt Life’s various branded retail stores, including San Clemente, California, Huntington Beach, California, Columbus, GA, Daytona Beach, Florida, and The flagship store of the brand. The word “salt life” at Jacksonville Beach, Florida was created 15 years ago. A new retail store is about to open in Tampa Bay.

About Delta Apparel, Inc.

Delta Apparel, Inc. Its operating subsidiaries, Salt Life, LLC, MJ Soffe, LLC and DTG2Go, LLC are international design, marketing, manufacturing and sourcing companies with a diverse lifestyle base and branded sportswear portfolio. Clothing, headwear and related accessories. The company specializes in the sale of leisure and sports products at the distribution level, including specialty stores, boutiques, department stores, medium and large chain stores, and the US military. The company’s products are also available directly to consumers through its website,, and The company’s operations span the United States, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico, with approximately 7,500 employees worldwide. For more information about the company, please visit

Cautionary statements regarding forward-looking statements
This press release may contain “forward-looking” statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Any number of factors may cause actual results to differ materially from expectations or forecasts, including but not limited to the factors listed in the “Risk Factors” contained in our annual report on Form 10-K submitted to the stock exchange. commission. In addition to legal requirements, Delta Apparel, Inc. It is expressly stated that it does not undertake to update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the release of this press release or to reflect the occurrence of an incident.

Isla Lawrence was shocked at her mother’s sexy swimsuit: ‘I thought you were a sister! ‘

ladies long sleeve tops

The curved model is known for her eye-catching appearance.

It seems that Apple is not far from the tree, because Iskra Lawrence’s mother is equally amazing.

This week, the blockbuster shared her and her mother’s swimwear.

Instagram users are shocked by this photo, and many people say that their parents look more like the 27-year-old sister.

In her latest social media coverage, Iskra celebrated her mother’s birthday.

She shared a pair of photos on vacation, all wearing matching matching swimsuits.

When Iskra chose to wear a white crocheted swimsuit, her mother chose a black halter neck cossie.

The blonde has the same smile in the photo.

Islak added a title to the image: “It is basically impossible to say what you mean to me.

“I will do my best to make you proud and keep the morals and values ​​you instill in me.

“You are not only the best mother in the world, you are my best friend, I am very happy that we can share all the memories and adventures of life together.

“You have the purest heart and the best support. I can never thank you. I am grateful to you every day.

“Love you forever, forever.”

On the last day, this snapshot accumulates 126,000 favorite things on Instagram.

The commentators watched this photo incessantly, and many praised Iskra’s youthful beauty.

An Instagram user said, “I see where you get beautiful.”

Another wrote: “Wait, is that your mother?! I am not saying cheesy, but she looks very young.”

The third supplement says: “Mom? I thought you were a sister! There is so much beauty in a photo.”

Mother Lawrence is not the only parent who can resist aging.

Two moms Sarah Stage is one of the most successful models on Instagram.

In order to keep her body, busy parents make sure to exercise every other day.

Australian baby Hannah Polites is another delicious mummies.

She is known for sharing photos of her baby’s body, and many are inspired.

For younger bombs, check out the seven most popular moms on social media.

Miami-based GD Swimwear designer travels to NYFW to participate in street fashion week

Curious about the fresh sound of fashion? Street Fashion Week (SFW) is a direct-to-consumer fashion show, and a proficient audience has been waiting. SFW is the only New York Fashion Week show dedicated to spotlight street fashion designers and returned to New York on September 15 as part of the seven-city international tour.

At this New York Fashion Week, SFW brought its trademark polishing production to the heart of Lower East Side of Manhattan. Street Fashion Week is a luxury “city” or “street” fashion event that showcases the most promising emerging local designers.

Surprisingly, this season’s T-stage, a highlight of luxury streetwear is GD Swimwear. As a creative idea of ​​Damian Donaire and Gonzalo Zulueta, GD Swimwear has earned a name for himself in Miami’s beach culture, their recent performance during the Miami swimming cycle.

They are expected to be the first brand in Miami and the only swimwear brand in the street show! GD Swimwear – All works are designed to prevent tan lines. GD Swimwear will be one of the hottest upcoming designers of the season, and they are exploring the urban energy of culture.

After a series of successful previous performances, SFW is expected to have a venue for style veterans and industry insiders. More than 1,000 guests are expected to attend, including local media representatives, stylists and influential people. Street Fashion Week has the opportunity to sit down with Gonzalo to discuss their preparations for New York Fashion Week – see the links below for more details.

The event opened on September 15th and was awarded the “Street Fashion Pioneer” award to the special guests at 8pm.

Street Fashion Week is a biennial production based on a global fashion calendar designed to promote and reinvigorate conversations with street designers.

The innovative direction of “street style” is not limited to any fashion genre, but from how fashionists express their personal style. Closely related to music and culture, “street” fashion is embodied and promoted by popular artists, especially rap and hip hop artists such as A $ AP Rocky, Kanye West, Pharrell, Sean’P. Didi’ comb and so on. Street Fashion Week aims to capture the essence of the culture and passion that defines “street” fashion, while creating a platform for emerging street fashion designers to explore their crafts freely.

Gonzalo and Damian founded GD in October 2016. Although co-founder Damian tanning in Cancun, he has been hearing girl squid about their terrible tan lines. Then, inspired by these girls, he created a unique swimsuit that would eliminate those tan lines. When he brought the idea to co-founder Gonzalo, Gonzalo quickly envisioned it and put the project into practice.

Although Gonzalo and Damian have no experience in the fashion field, they have not studied fashion. They surveyed the latest trends for a few months. In addition, industry professionals help us turn our vision into reality.

Monday swimwear has the bikini you need in your closet

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman pursued a “real possession” bikini in fit, style and comfort, which led them to set up a swimsuit on Monday. The best friend said that although the brand started because of “selfish reasons,” it made them discover that many women would encounter the same problem when purchasing swimwear. Oakley said: “The shoulder straps are deep or unadjustable, the top is actually not suitable or can’t reach their size, or the suit looks beautiful, but when they wear it, it does not make them feel comfortable and confident.” Klee (28) and Brugman (27) have more than 3 million collective followers on Instagram and held their first Monday swim show during the Miami swimming this summer.

Swimwear’s performance at Miami Swimming Week on Monday was the brand’s first fashion show. what happened?

NO: This year’s show show is very special for Devin and me, not only because it is our first, but also because we can present our collection in a classic, stylish and noble way. We are also able to show the true essence of Monday’s swimwear by shaping real women with personality and curves.

Tell us more about how to project a model in your show.

No: German and I have always been keen to represent the “real” women who are bent. We want to make sure to convey the message on the runway. We have a lot of good feedback on this – so we think it’s done.

What kind of design did we see on the runway?

DB: Our swim-week runway design incorporates our iconic and summer swim and beachwear collections. We work with designer Anna Vitiello to stop presenting our next collection and design this timeless collection in an elegant and elegant way, which we feel is the essence of our brand.

Autumn’s favorite swimming fashion trend?

No: I like classic stripes, polka dots, all high waists and drawstrings for swimming. It is great to see the designer revisit the 90s.

What is the favorite swimsuit color in autumn?

DB: I like soft rose and blue.

In South Florida, you can ask for a swimsuit on any weekend. What do you feel confident?

NO: Find a suit that will replenish your body. On Monday, Swimwear literally has a suit that makes everyone feel confident and sexy. It is important to be able to mix and match styles and sizes to find the perfect fit.

What makes Monday Swimwear different from other brands?

DB: Monday Swimwear stands out because we focus on simplicity and elegance. If you feel that your suit is comfortable, you will feel confident, we will really live with the words “less is more”, so we will try to pull our series back to what we know will only let us Women look more beautiful.

Fashion Nova takes the eye-catching design to take swimwear to the next level

Fashion Nova is known for its outdoor swimwear.

Throughout 2018, the online retailer was amazed at the exaggerated bikinis and cossies of shoppers.

The latest version of the store also follows this trend, with some claiming that the risk of wearing it outside is too great.

So how did you do it?

Fashion Nova is pushing the plunge swimsuit.

One of them is the “twisted teasing” that has been cut to make the female image flatter.

The one-piece waist features twisted detailing for an hourglass shape.

It also shows the curve in front of you because the neckline is always down towards the navel.

The item is currently only available for £11.50.

It can be purchased in coral and black tones, although the clothing has been sold out in some sizes.

Many critics praised the design, one of them called it “super cute” and another commented that it looked “very sexy.”

Celebrities including the popular pop star Obrio, this film is also very popular.

The singer has recently been crumbling on the beach.

She has scored more than 21,000 favorite shots in Fashion Nova.

Many people commented that they like swimsuits, others praised the beauty of Aubrey.

One commenter wrote: “I need this in my life.”

The other said: “Simple and amazing.”

The third person added that this photo is “so gorgeous.”

While fashion lovers seem to respond well to swimwear, some people used to express concerns about their playful style.

Earlier this week, Instagram star Cassie Brown mimicked similar Fashion Nova numbers.

Many commentators agree that she can pull the plug down, but some say it is too exposed in public.

An Instagram user admitted: “When I wear it, it makes me very nervous.”

The other agreed: “A sport, you show everything.”

Nine years later, Liu Xiang broke the world record in the era of high-tech swimwear.

On August 21, Liu Xiang created a new world record for women’s 50m backstroke with 26.98 seconds. She broke the record of China’s Zhao Jing 27.06 seconds, which was won in the last World Championship of the high-tech swimwear era – the 2009 Rome World Water Sports Championships in Italy.

In that version of the tournament, the large-scale use of “shark skin” created 13 world records, after which the FINA (International Federation of International Federations) banned full-coverage and low-resistance high-tech swimsuits from appearing in international-level competitions.

The “shark skin” technology began around 2000 and continues to grow into 2009, entering the fifth generation. The extremely tight swimsuit simulates the structure of shark skin and can be worn seven or eight times, but it helps to reduce water resistance.

At the time, the technical research on “shark skin” was confidential, but it caused unfairness to the team because smaller countries could not afford the manufacturing costs of these litigations.

Liu Xiang is a talented swimmer. At the Incheon Asian Games in 2014, this edition of the silver medal owner Fu Yuanhui won two women’s 50m and 100m backstroke champions. Although Liu’s 50-meter freestyle record has not even been completed in 27 seconds.

Both swimmers were born in 1996, but Liu is six months younger than Fif. During the women’s 50-meter backstroke in the 2015 Kazan World Swimming Championships in Russia, Fu Ying won the gold medal and Liu won the gold medal in the third place.

Fu also won the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and won the silver medal in the same event at the 2017 World Water Sports Championships in Budapest, Hungary. It seems that no other Chinese women can surpass Fu in this field.

However, Liu did not give up and continue to challenge himself. After receiving the training of Australia’s top swimming coach Matt Brown, he achieved the Ning Zetao 100-meter freestyle in five weeks, and Liu’s ability continued to grow. Today, all her efforts are clearly paying off.

The world record of the last Asian Games took place in 2002, set by Japan’s Kitajima Kosuke in the men’s 200m breaststroke.

Kardashian can’t get enough swimwear trend

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are not just a common hobby for professional rappers, silhouettes and Kris Jenner’s management skills.

This year, the first live TV family upgraded their bikini games with retro designer swimwear.

Kylie launched this trend in 2016, starting with the early ‘000 years of Vuitton and Burberry to enter the designer bikini, but in the past few months, Kim has made his own look with Chanel and Dior’s retro two-piece set.

Unlike Kylie lipstick sets or Kim K approved bike shorts, luxury beachwear can’t be added to an online shopping cart very quickly.

Mrs. West rented these works from the archives of New York stylist Gabriel Helder.

“These works are rarely used. They are in a good, clean retro state. Since KKW [Kim Kardashian West] is wearing my Christian Dior Rasta bikini, my fans have received a lot of requests,” Held told Vogue.

“Since graduating from high school, I have been coveted and unbearable in this series. I am very happy to see these works gain new life!”

Click to see all the time in the retro swimwear that Kardashian Jenner brings.

The twin sisters behind OYE, the swimming brands worn by Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner, talk about bikini trends

Bathing beauty! Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu, the Turkish twins behind OYE Swimwear, sit down and talk to Stylish about all the swimsuits. There is no doubt that stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Nina Dobrev and LeAnn Rimes have been fans of the brand since its inception in 2007. The two girls are rushing in their unique style, and the trend for their suits to scream bikinis is that they predict the future and their tired appearance. Is there one thing that remains the same for them? They want all customers to feel undeniably confident when they swing their suits. Scroll through the details.

How do they start the brand?
Growing up in the waters of Turkey, influenced the style of Ayca and Zeynep and the love of swimwear. “We believe that luxury swimming brands will be the perfect combination of our family history, the connection to the sea and the passion for art and design,” Zeynep said. “We traveled to India 11 years ago and encountered some beautiful natural stones as we explored them, and they were immediately attracted to them,” she continued. “We chose to add them to the bikini, let us wear them, our friends immediately saw and fell in love with them, and then it grew and eventually became the first series of OYE Swimwear,” she explained.

How do they use Instagram as a platform?
When it comes to social media fans, Ayca and Zeynep are showing them all types of women. “We like to show real women of all backgrounds and sizes on the Instagram page,” Zeynep told Stylish. “We are proud of the fact that women feel confident and beautiful in our suits and want to label us and share this feeling with followers,” she said. “OYE girls are full of confidence in their skin and have their own unique personal style, everyone wants to imitate,” she explained. She added: “She is smart and secular, smart and curious, likes to travel and try new things.”

You can expect to see the trend of swimwear
When it comes to the next big swimwear trend, Ayca and Zeynep believe that women tend to have unique architectural shapes. Zeynep revealed: “I think they will break away from the typical bikini and wear some trademarks of OYE, including hollowed out, transparent panels and interesting shapes on the top and bottom, you usually don’t see them.” Ayaka said: ” I saw a lot of asymmetrical suits with peekaboo details, longline straps, and a lace-up swimsuit.” “I’m tired of a triangle bikini,” she was taken aback. “They look like the leaves used to cover the Greek goddess and Adam and Eve. We believe in displaying the skin in a subtle and refined way,” Ayca added.

Why do celebrities like their suits?
The two twins are proud of their impeccable suit quality and believe that this is the number one reason why stars love them. Ayo explained: “OYE swimsuits can be worn on the beach, look beautiful on Instagram, but still durable enough, you can jump into the sea without worrying about any damage.” “Celebrities and influencers are always taking pictures, they are Not only does it look beautiful, but it also feels beautiful,” she told Stylish. “We offer a unique style. Once a woman wears an OYE swimsuit, she feels she is the best version. We are fortunate to be able to develop a loyal celebrity to follow women of different body types, which makes us more proud than ever before. When we created,” she said.

PUNTA DE MITA DESIGNER launches swimwear collection

Skyler Woodcock, a young swimwear designer who grew up in Punta Mita, Mexico, hosted her first ENERGY series in Curve, Las Vegas, earlier this week, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual lingerie and swimwear exhibition at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Woodcock revealed that Alt Creative Alt’s Lindsey Alt will be the exclusive representative of international retailers Skyler Swimwear at the annual trade show. “We are very excited to launch the ENERGY series of Skyler Swimwear in the Las Vegas curve and we cannot ask for a better brand representative,” she said. “Alt Creative Agency truly understands the new appeal of energy and has professional bandwidth to attract major buyers.”

Clean, cohesive and effortless; this collection inspires confidence and creativity. Energy makes your flawless fit a refreshing one. You can choose from five tops and bottoms, each designed to show your natural curves. Three vibrant tones – cherry red, white, black – become the canvas for creative expression.

Skyler swimwear is guaranteed, refined and sexy. This is the perfect travel companion. Intelligent engineering aims to balance any number by raising all the right positions. A monochrome palette becomes a bold background for your mood.

Although this is the first time that Skyler swimwear has been launched worldwide, the series launched its software in the exclusive store of Punta Mita in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, earlier this year, and it was immediately successful. The collection is located in Belen del Mar and has three locations: PlazaOllín PuntaMita, Sayulita and La Isla Shopping Village; and the Kupri Beach Club in Punta Mitamen.

About Skyler Woodcock

Skyler Woodcock grew up in a swimsuit on the beach in Punta Mita, Mexico. She started pursuing fashion very early, and naturally eager to create her own swimwear collection. Skyler’s design ambitions began two years ago and produced ENERGY, the first collection launched by Skyler Swimwear this summer. Skyler was born in Beverly Hills, where she spent her childhood and recently returned to Southern California to attend Loyola Marymount University. She is a major in communication.