Industry Talent Added to Tori Praver Swim

Tori Praver Swimwear has added some industry talent to the new licensing agreement to help it reach a new level.

The swimming brand, which was previously sold at stores such as Diane’s, Molly Brown’s, Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters, was an independent company founded by the Tori Praver model.

Under the new arrangement, the company has signed a licensing agreement with the Curgent Group, which is a partnership between black and private.

Industry veterans Stever and Summer Rapp have black, Summer will serve as creative director of Tori Praver. A private company is a swimwear manufacturer with a large number of private brands in terms of procurement and manufacturing expertise.

Industry veteran Angi Hart has held key positions in L * Space and Billabong and is vice president of sales for Curynt Group.

Tori Praver will continue to serve as a label brand ambassador and will work with the Curgent Group to design and marketing activities.

The brand will be in July in Huntington Beach swimming group and Miami’s Cabana show debut modified resort.

“Our team will re-brand, design innovation and new purchasing strategies to invest a lot of effort to improve the quality of the product to achieve the maximum consistency and suitability of each garment.” “To cause brand awareness , We will focus and emphasize through our social media channels, e-commerce and targeted marketing, and we look forward to bringing this high-end product to market and strengthening our relationship with retail partners. ”

Add-black will also continue to be designed for other swimmers.

Entrepreneur: After a little help with the Queen of Jobs, the children’s swimsuit label Sunuva’s foreground sunny

Most of us are amazed by the fact that if we are just just a holiday friend next to a sunlounger spread on Facebook friends. But for Emily Cohen and Sabrina Naga, their children set up an opportunity next to the pool, which led to their children’s swimwear business Sunuva, six years passed, he was Prince George Bringing the annual turnover of 300 million pounds.

Cohen began to say that she had a two-year-old son chatting with a random child of the Israeli pool. So they are together in the nursery – Sabrina and I are at work, “get out and run” the parents, so we do not know any other mom, but our children know each other and introduce us.

The man started talking about children swimsuit. “My son wore a really cunning naval leather vest, in front of an annoying Mickey Mouse.” Cohen explained: “I see my children in public face this grim thing and start with Sabrina conversation.

“This is the beginning of this idea.As a result of the lack of fashion swimsuit to the children, we quickly depressed each other, and Sunuva’s concept was born – the year’s gorgeous UV swimsuit and beachwear.

Two women have entrepreneurial experience: At the beginning of her public relations manager Lynn Franks after the career, Cohen is now 46 years old, is the British cosmetics brand Pout behind one of the entrepreneurs, grow 80-year-old employees, the price £ 7 for five years for millions of turnover. Prior to the global financial crisis, Pout eventually sold to the owner of the Victoria Secret Underwear chain for $ 24 million (£ 19 million). Cohen spent a year before starting to use Sunuva as Sir Philip Green, serving as advisor to Topshop’s new cosmetics line.

At the same time, now 45-year-old Naggar in the design of Whistles, Fenwick and Selfridges before the sale of jewelry, and PricewaterhouseCoopers has served as an accountant. She made her four children in four years.

The two women have not done fashion, but Cohen said the design and manufacture of a manufacturer “is not rocket science – we have studied the market and brand of SPF (sunscreen factor) swimwear.” The hardest thing is to find a ready to work with us Factories, one nobody. “Their first factory – in Tunisia and Delhi, today still produce Sunuva’s products.

But not as simple as a sailboat decorated with their boy’s pants. Sunuva’s first stock arrives in June, “when there is no shop to buy swimsuit or card lady – it’s all selling.” Two of the friends made a private sale in her house. “If 20 people are wavering, then we are thinking that if there are 20 people upset, we will sell £ 10,000 worth of clothes in two hours,” Cohen said.

“Another good luck is that someone came to Harold’s children and they ordered the game. Harrods is still our biggest account in the UK – last summer, Sunuva is its best-selling children’s brand.”

Now, Selford, Finnick and Harvey Nichols and independent stores also exist in this range, but this year’s network sales will account for half.

At first, cash was tight. “For the first two years, Sabrina and I have funded the business.” But when it started taking off, we realized that we needed money to develop and develop. We raised £ 1 million from seven private angel investors, including former Pout shareholders. ”

Their Maida Vale office (“we all live within a mile, which is vital because we have six children and many schools run”), they now employ 17 staff, these are internally designed.

More foreign expansion plans are underway: Last year, Sunuva was launched in Italy’s Gruppo Coin and Spain’s El CorteInglés high-end European department store. When Prince George was wearing a £ 28 Sunuva T-shirt and shorts on his third birthday photo, their international caches were greatly driven.

“I did not know if I had a holiday in Spain,” said Cohen. “I was in my breakfast, and someone said, ‘This is the Monique from the [American] character magazine. How did you feel about the prince of George?

“I do not know what she is saying, and then realize that Prince George is head and toe on both Sunuve and all the front pages, and in two days we have sold the blue and white stripes of this swamp T-shirt, there are 750 reservations.

“You can not ask or want to get better PR, for a small British brand, it greatly enhances our personal information. Kate such a style icon, there may be 600 pairs of shorts and T-shirts to choose from, which is Very complacent.”

Manhattan Beachwear, Inc. Announces Promotion of Katie Dawley

Manhattan Beach Clothing is the largest swimwear manufacturer in the China and is proud to announce the promotion of Katie Dawley to senior vice president of global sales. The announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer Kevin F. Mahoney, effective August 14, 2017.

Katie joined Manhattan Beach apparel company in 2010 as a sales manager and was promoted to Lauren, vice president of POLO and Chaps in April 2016, and established strategic success with Lauren and Polo brands with major retail partners. Her extensive experience in sales, sales, product development and brand management will be a valuable asset as the company continues to develop its international wholesale portfolio.

Kevin F. Mahoney, President and CEO of Manhattan Beach Apparel, said: “The whole organization, I myself included, is pleased to announce the news.

Katie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her new role, and this newly created position is one of our recent and long-term strategic initiatives. “Ma Hong continued,” This is very worthy of promotion is that we know and cultivate the ability of talent. We are able to promote ourselves in our own team, pay tribute to our employees’ strength and vision, and we are pleased to support the team’s personal and professional development. ”

The role of Mr. Dawley will be Alison Koelmel, who will join the sales department as vice president of global sales Ralph Lauren Swim. Ms.

Headquartered in New York, Clare has extensive expertise in both domestic and international sales and has recently served as Vice President of International Sales with Komar. Other experiences include Carole Hochman and Polo Ralph Lauren Director of Retail Services, Hosiery.

About Manhattan Beachwear

Manhattan Beach Clothing Company is the largest swimwear company in the United States. Design, manufacture and marketing of Manhattan Beachwear in Cypress, California Lauren Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chaps, Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Lucky Brand, Trina Turk, Nanette Lepore, Sperry Top-Sider and Hobbit The In addition, Manhattan Beachwear also designs, manufactures and markets its own branded La Blanca, 24th, Ocean, Hollywood Maxine, Bikini Laboratories, Green Dragon and Pink Lotus.

Narrabeen will be the local plastic bottles into fashionable clothing

The beach in the north is home to the activities, so let it recycle, and you win the win.

The Slumber Squad series is made of recycled bottles, with activities and swimsuit, which has been hit in South America.

The 27-year-old Nicolette Serfozo designer from Narrabeen now aims to raise $ 8,000 through Kickstarter to fund her latest “Mermaid Galaxy” series.

She acquired a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the conversion of plastic bottles into polyester yarns and custom fabrics and was looking for swimwear manufacturer China swimsuit series for Econyl, a nylon fabric made from recycled plastic waste from the ocean.

“I hope to turn it into a 100% recycling eco-brand, which is also an affordable and serious trend,” she said.

Serfozo is the finalist of the Youth Australia Youth Social Pioneer Environmental River Foundation, which is earning $ 10,000.

“Profit” cast a lifeline, sinking Miami Miami swimwear company

“Profit” star Marcus Lemillis back to Miami, do his best job: help the business. His latest mission: swimming by Chuck Handy, a family run. Plus the size of the swimsuit brand located in North Miami Beach. We talked to the stars of the episode and opened at 10 o’clock. Tuesday CBNC: Chuck and Mary Lou Handy and their children, daughter Mary Ellen McAteer and son Charlie III, his last entry into reality TV was in 2014, appeared in “Dating Nude”, he was wearing this dress.

What is working with Marcus?

Chuck: He treated his advice firmly and honestly and tried to learn as much of our process as possible. From the beginning, he focused on what made us tick, and how we performed everyone’s responsibility.

Charlie: Working with Marcus is very interesting. He can quickly listen and learn, immediately see the need to improve the field. He must be able to achieve his reputation.

Mary Allen: Marcus can enter a family business with a successful product, but may not be the most successful process, and immediately identify the problem and affect the change. If we want long-term sustainable development, we need to expand the product of a major change. He also allows us to cover swimsuit from overseas and return to the United States in the United States to eliminate our food problems while accelerating the time from the idea to the turn of the product.

Do you bind the fact that you are all from Miami?

Chuck: gave us some common ground.

Charlie: As Marcus grew up in Miami, ladies’ swimsuit was very popular here, believing it was a win.

Mary Allen: It’s a little world, we like to think it’s definitely helpful!

What did you take from Marcus?

Chuck: He is a personal person who believes in us and our story. He soon explored our strengths and weaknesses. We also learned that he hoped that we could stand out from the chart and expand our vision of what we crave. Working with him is one of the best experiences of my life. I can not thank him for all of our faith.

Charlie: I learned to focus on the process and keep my profits because our swimsuit quality is really great. He gave us great confidence in quality, adaptation and production, we really know what we are doing.

Mary Allen: I believe we learned that if we had to solve the problem, it started. We own people and products, but we need a better process that allows us to design from concept to storage.

What has changed your business since recording this episode?

Chuck: Our life and career have changed dramatically. We focus on all-weather work, perform our products and web for our performances. Our process has changed. I can not afford to bear a lot of burden. Mary Allen and Charlie carry most of the. When they need me, I am there to help me with the contact, knowledge and hard work to finish the job. I like to see Charlie and Mary Ellen. Swimwear manufacturer China has always been a huge challenge in the country, and we all have to work hard.

Charlie: Marcus moved me to New York City and gave us a nice gallery.

Mary Allen: We are no longer just a little mom and a popular shop; we have money and great names behind us.

What is the highlight of the episode?

Chuck: Complete a fully planned holiday destination in half a week as well as a complete trade booth! Some how do we do it!

Charlie: Mary Allen, she travels from her mother at home to spend a major holiday fashion brand. Her transition is inspiring.

Retail Details: St. Louis swimwear line ‘summersalts’ over traditional retail; Appetite for Sugarfire BBQ grows

Ten years ago, Lori Coulter launched her name in the series of St. Louis swimsuit, and with Macy’s departmental grand announcement. Large department store transactions are fashionable novice surprise.

Today, Kurt is an entrepreneur costume designer, cleverly bypassing traditional retail stores.

The e-business model, which is directly oriented to consumers, continues to be cut at retail prices and damaged for department stores.

Coulter and Reshma Chamberlin co-founded a swimsuit brand Summersalt, with the support of the investment organization, and launched on May 23rd. Kurt said her company had to press the reset button to find out how to attract customers to spend more and more time online.

Summersalt, at, is not just a new brand; Coulter says it has a new attitude.

She set up her company with “TrueMeasure” technology, which includes 3 to D digital body scans and 4 to 6 weeks delivery of swimsuits. At the same time, the Summersalt project can be purchased online and shipped the next day.

Kurt has long closed her body imaging booth, but her clothing Lori Coulter brand keeps online. The designer will not promise to end her brand of the same name, but she says she does not have much energy today. These styles are more conservative, she said the customers are a bit old.

At present, her e-commerce page in addition to a project has been deeply discounted.

The site also handles her private brand business and custom uniforms, these brands are already profitable.

She said that the new Summersalt series has more sports and leisure influence, can attract adventurers. So far, Kurt said sales have been very good (“thousands” in detail that this line of $ 95 swimsuit. She is waiting for more inventory to supplement the New York manufacturer’s production line of sold items.


Sugarfire barbecue appetite increases

Sugarfire Smoke House will open in O’Fallon, Illinois, after announcing the recent expansion to Indianapolis. The barbecue restaurant is three members of the Post-Dispatch food critic Ian Froeb’s STL 100 list.

There are five locations in Missouri.

O’Fallon City Council will vote at the July 17 meeting to decide on the Green Development Group’s recommendations, including restaurants.

According to the agenda, this area of ​​3800 square meters of the restaurant will be built in Castle Peak Road 1405.

Sugarfire was co-founded by chef Mike Johnson and partner Christina Fitzgerald, opened in Olivette in 2012.

The action has been extended to St. Louis City Center, St. Charles Valley Park, Moscow City, Washington and Moffon County, Ocalon City.

Marcus Lemonis not only saved this struggling swimwear business, he became a part of the family

Chuck Handy has a million dollar idea: Inspired by his wife’s complaint about the lack of cheat swimsuit, he will start a company to fill the retail hole. He wants it to be a family business. So he brought his little son, occupied the vice president of the place, when the daughter is not teaching, the daughter to run and his wife at night chips. For him, Chuck, he will serve as president and design director.

In 2010, Chuck Handy’s SWIM was launched in Miami. However, for all buzzs around the company, buyers have never queued, and millions have never been realized. With their entire family life and wealth being wrapped in SWIM, Handy’s local business is declining – until the profits of Marcus Lemonis throw the tribe to the lifeguard, that’s it.

With years of experience in leading swimwear sales, Chuck believes he knows the industry is already very good, first of all to grasp. However, he was not prepared for his aesthetic view and SWIM middle-aged female population separation. Chuck’s design is based on visits to high-end retailers, and his visit is called “research” – just not dealing with customers. More importantly, these patterns and styles are outdated because they have been imitated in swimwear designs already on the market.

Design overhaul for the brand has just started is a very simple thing, but with Marcus in the business audit soon found, SWIM’s financial situation is a mess. The company was slightly run by Chuck and son Charlie, seriously underestimating its wholesale business, thus missing key profits and debts. And no profit to stimulate it, the company’s inventory is located in a tiny Miami warehouse, is also very lacking.

SWIM has lost its business for all purposes and purposes. However, Marcus in the company’s large-scale mission to feel the great potential, and his combination of large-scale fashion synergies, decided to invest, occupy more than half of the company, and its from top to bottom to transform. As SWIM is now under his control, he quickly relocated to headquarters from Miami to New York, from China to the United States.

In order to further help Handy’s family business to get rid of free fall, Marcus joined his LA fashion company ML Creative design recommendations. The team confirmed this: Chuck’s design was detrimental to the business and limited the coverage of its business. So, in order to change the route, Marcus with his other company Indian village SWIM and a group of young graphic designers linked to update their appearance, and changed his design role.

He also introduced a new name, Siloett, to redefine the company from a conspicuous male perspective and expand the product line. Siloett will now carry hats, bags, towels and slippers as an extension of its main swimsuit series – Chuck’s capable daughter Mary Ellen will take the lead in the fashionable background.

With these radical changes, Marcus gave the family space to prove his worth. And as the Handy clan was able to pull all of it into an impressive industry show, selling thousands of orders, and Marcus in this process, Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen) is the brightest. She not only brought Marcus’s advice and direction to Siloett, but also surpassed the demands he had made, provided a new concept and outlined an vision for the effective development of the brand.

Now, thanks to Marcus for the careful re-adjustment of the Handy family business, Siloett is working with Mary Ellen to flourish. Chuck and Charlie are still involved in the sale of the brand, but Mary Ellen can collaborate with Marcus by working with Marcus via email and text.

Siloett may not look like Chuck’s original vision for family swimsuit business. He may not even call, he admitted that the concessions are very difficult. But he still thanked Marcus for giving him and his family a second chance. Moreover, it seems that he now also thinks that Marcus is part of the convenience of the family.

“Marcus is not necessarily a partner,” Chuck said, “he came in his brother ‘s identity.

4 ways to protect your IP when manufacturing in China

Easy Imex often handles queries on how to protect sensitive intellectual property in the Chinese manufacturing process. As noted in this article, you can reduce the chances of copying and selling your product to your competitors in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at your choice.

Protect your intellectual property outside of China

The best strategy for IP protection is to prioritize IP registrations in your main sales market. If you have a large budget and expect global sales, you should register your patents and trademarks in every market you plan to sell. This means that if you plan to sell your product in China, you also need to register your IP in China!

However, if you are a small business without funds, you need to give priority. It is expensive and time consuming to register IP on each market, so please deal with your customers and register your patents and trademarks in these jurisdictions.

Pre-manufacturing restrictions on IP theft

If you have a groundbreaking product, then you should definitely establish a legally binding and enforceable product manufacturing agreement through the Chinese mainland courts. Chinese law doctor Dr. Dan Harris pointed out that Chinese judges will not enforce foreign judgments. If you are preparing for contracts, agreements, NDA, NNN and so on, make sure to be done by the lawyer who knows how to meet Chinese standards.

The product manufacturing agreement usually includes the following: quality requirements, delivery time, product and intellectual property ownership, molding / mold ownership, NNN (non-competitive, non-circumventing, non-disclosure) and fines.

Limit the theft of the manufacturing process

If you have multiple components of the product, PassageMaker’s China operations manager Mike Bellamy proposed to separate the production of key technologies and send them to a reliable third-party warehouse for closed-door assembly.

The process isolates the final product in a controlled location, which limits the chances of stealing your ideas and creating sales to your competitors.

Prove your product

A reliable way to protect intellectual property is to make proof of its reproduction! As Josh Horwitz explains the outstanding QZ article, the groundbreaking design is not enough.

“Companies must create products that can not be completely removed from the hands, focus on the special features that can be protected, or create a coveted brand that consumers will pay more.”

This can include creating exclusive software to supplement your product, using complex manufacturing processes, prohibiting easy copying, and focusing on your brand and after-sales service.

Finally, the decision to manufacture outside of China, hoping to limit the opportunities for IP theft is invalid. Once the market, imitation can buy the product, send it to China for reverse manufacturing, slightly change, and then directly with you to compete with the market.

Fashion: The story of swimwear

The story of swimwear is changing shapes, attitudes and techniques. Abigail Turner shows the evolution of swimming fashion.

Yorkshire, the birthplace of the typical British brand Marks & Spencer, is the ideal place to start swimming history. Leeds University’s M & S company file has everything from the 1930s knitted woolwear to the body of the 1990s to swimwear swimwear, advertising and clothing itself to explore the story of swimsuit.

Leeds City Museum has been working with the M & S Archives for swimwear talks and shows, explaining the history of fashion, seasonal changes and fashion and evolving society between the charming similarities between.

“The evolution of swimwear and the clothes we wear in the holidays reflect some of the major changes in society over the years, especially in our attitude towards gender, fitness and physical confidence,” said Ruth Martin, the exhibition curator.

It is for medical reasons, fashion takes seawater. In the nineteenth century, the bathing machine became popular with water, involving immersion rather than deep swimming, wearing heavy silk or wool swimwear as a cure for the disease.

However, the nineties of the twentieth century brought about changing attitudes. In the Edwardian era, mixed baths became more acceptable, although Australian professional swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested in 1907 at Revere Beach in Boston, a swimsuit, showing arms, legs and fairies body of. She later launched her own single swimsuit.

From 1910 onwards, single swimsuit more and more obvious, because more women want to participate in swimming and sports hobbies. In 1912, the women participated in the Olympic Games. In 1913, Vogue produced patterns for his own costumes to meet the growing demand.

“The twentieth twenties and earlier swimsuits are quite rare,” said Caroline Brown, an old-fashioned expert in Yorkshire and old-fashioned expert Robert and Brown at House of Rose & Brown. “So, when you find them ”

Made by wool, designed to cover up more than they reveal, in fact the idea of ​​swimming in it is not attractive. ”

By 1920, a beach equipment was vital to each wardrobe. Swimsuit in a variety of styles and colors. Cloth is often used as part of the whole design, many suits are sleeveless, skirts become shorter, waist only by loose sash or contrast pipe definition.

Fashion in 1920 said: “The modern girl is victorious.You can wear whatever she wants to wear, but if she is smart, she will be careful not to let her free on her head. After all, swimsuit than any Other forms of clothes are telling a more honest story.

The 20th century, 30 years, swimsuit fashion has changed. Tan as Coca-Cola to promote the identity of the logo, as well as the desire for physical fitness. Clothing becomes smaller and smaller, more and more transparent, so the body needs to be trimmed. Ruth Martin said: “The older swimsuit is more restrictive and conservative, but because women are more in control of their clothes, so swimsuit becomes more active and colorful, Brave.”

The Lastex and Contralex fabrics with elastic weaving means that the graph may be more slender. “These fast-changing fashion and social norms encourage designers and garment manufacturers to become more brave and creative, leading us to see some of the fashion and beautiful costumes we see today on the street,” Ruth added.

Swimsuit in the world to serve the establishment and expression of the United States and moral standards. In the 1930s and 1940s, Hollywood began to use the charm of erotic baths. If Lara Turner, Jane Russell or Rita Hayworth are seen in a private swimming pool in Los Angeles, that is what every woman wants to do.

During the Second World War, Denmark was requisitioned, contributing to war effort, digging potatoes or harvesting crops. British fashion said: “With the tension of wartime life and wartime work fatigue … take full advantage of every opportunity to bathe the sun.” After 1945, with the beach reopened, seaside holidays became possible, sea, sun, brown Brown The right look becomes an ideal post-war summer recipe.

Swimwear not only tracks modesty and beautiful trends, but also advances in the appearance of technology, sports and fashion. The 1950s, new fabrics and new cotton processing methods. Can not be crushed cotton available, after treatment, making the clothes folded when the crease is very small, washing will drip dry.

Swimwear also reflects the 20th century, 60 years the most prominent social changes in the mood. At the end of the decade, all the support disappeared, because Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton were all painted on the billboard, depicting a boy’s body and ironing board.

Caroline Brown said: “The universal freedom of fashion and lifestyle in the 1960s meant that by the 1970s and 1980s, swimwear had moved significantly toward low-end flavors and steepest triangles To cover your modesty as well as prints and colors, which can not explain the fabric of their time – for example, the seventies of the Maximilian bikini and the 80s neon color synthetic sex swimsuit.

If you want to see, maybe you can buy retro and retro swimwear, please go to Whitby last year’s next year’s large seaside wine show. Caroline Brown says: “This is the only retro apartment with a view of the sea.

China’s factory price inflation in June downturn

China’s producer price inflation in June has not changed, earlier this year, bullish, high and volatile, the steel industry oversupply, the signs of economic weakness exacerbated the price outlook.

The National Commodity Price Index (PPI) rose 5.5% in June, the National Bureau of Statistics said Monday. This is consistent with the analyst’s forecast, unchanged from last month. As the economic activity since March is relatively cold, earlier hit, China’s past few weeks of futures prices, raw material prices rebounded some rebound.

National Bureau of Statistics said that China’s consumer prices in June rose 1.5% compared with the same period last year, in line with market expectations and bullish in May, food prices continue to decline, although the pace slowed.

Analysts worry that price pressures may fall for the rest of the year due to weak economic fundamentals.

Julian Evans-Pritchard of the Singapore Institute of Capital Economics wrote in a report: “The result is that price pressures in previous months seem to stabilize in June.

“Despite this, the slowdown in credit growth may put pressure on economic activity in the coming quarters, and we believe that food price volatility will continue and inflation will continue to decline, which will make hope that sustained inflation expectations may help Weakening the company ‘s debt burden disappointed.

Food prices were the largest component of the consumer price index, down 1.2 percent from the previous year, down 1.6 percent in May and 3.5 percent in April.

According to the State News Center chief economist Zhu Baoliang said Monday, China’s “Financial News” reported that “food prices may be due to the accumulation of grain reserves and seasonal factors, part of the People’s Bank of China.”

Inflation remains moderate despite a rebound in factory activity. China’s swimwear manufacturing industry expanded at the fastest pace in three months in June and was welcomed by strong production and new orders.

At the same time, as investors continue to focus on China’s steel industry capacity reduction and industrial upgrading, spot iron ore and construction steel prices have also increased.

“The government is trying to eliminate low-grade steel, the high profit margins, is to induce the factory to produce more steel, thus increasing the demand for iron ore,” said Zou Mingdong, Shanghai steel manager at COSCO Merchants Group.

“But the price increase did not change the fundamentals of oversupply and weak demand.”

China’s largest steel company Baoshan Iron and Steel Company in the long-term series of growth, the main cut in May and June the main steel products prices.

PPI fell 0.2% in June.

China’s current economic growth rate of about 6.5% this year, the inflation rate of 3%. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in his speech at the World Economic Forum that despite the challenges, China has the ability to achieve annual growth targets and control systemic risks.